With today’s furious pace of technological advancements, you will also realize that the variety and type of gifts that can be found in shops is also wide and advanced.

A big part of our lives is ruled or rather depends on electronic gadgets and devices. You name them, from the Kitchenaid food blender in the kitchen, the home theater system in the living room, the alarm clock in your bedroom, the hand hair dryer in your bathroom, the CCTV security alarm on your patio, the smoke detector in your garage, your mobile phone, your PC and hundreds of other devices that you use daily. Imagine your life without these things.

Women are also into gadgets and devices more than you will realize. Gadgets make good gifts for wives, girlfriends, friends, young women and girls. The gadgets listed here are the special types that are visually and aesthetically appealing, functional and ingenious. A number of these gifts will be useful for a long time and not just for displaying or showcasing to your friends.

1 – Shoe Raincoat       

Most likely, you have never come across shoe raincoats. But yes, shoe raincoats make a wonderful gift for girls and women. They are ideal for the rainy season when you need to protect your shoes from rain…when stepping out of your car or building…or simply walking in the wet drizzly open atmosphere.

2 – Stone Key Holder

You probably thought…what the hell is this ugly thing? Do not judge a thing by its looks…even a thing such as a rock can be useful. This gift is probably one of the most important. If you live with other people in your house i.e. your children or husband and you come home at different times, then you might want to leave the door key somewhere outside your house where other family members will find it. This secret key holder looks like a real stone and no-one can suspect there is a key inside. Just leave it outside in the courtyard, garden or near a tree or flower pot where other family members will find it.                                                                                           

3 – USB Flowers (With Fragrance)

This gift is perfect for girls who work with computers throughout the day, either at work or at home. The office environment might not allow you enough space to place a pot of fresh flowers on your desk. You can use electronic fragrance flowers that look like real flowers and give a good smell. Just plug the USB device on your PC and you are done.

4 – Anti-Barking Birdhouse 

The birdhouse is a digital device that stops dogs from barking each morning or during a time when you want a noise-free environment. Take the Birdhouse and hang it on a tree in your yard. The device produces ultra-high frequency sound waves that stop a dog from barking. It will affect any dog within 50 feet from the source of the waves. If your neighbor’s dogs are barking loudly each morning and disturbing your sleep, then this gadget might work for you. Simply set the times for emitting the high-frequency waves as well as the intensity and the barking dogs will be taken care of.

5 – Giant Teddy Bear

This Giant Teddy Bear needs no special introduction, it is every little girl’s dream. Instead of buying your little girl a small teddy bear, why not surprise her with Big Brother Bear? The price of a giant Teddy Bear is around $450 to $650.The price may seem gigantic but it is worth it…your kids will never forget the experience. Weighing 41 pounds and 6.5 feet tall, this Teddy Bear will provide comfort to any kid.

6 – Barbie Player  

This Barbie Player is for maturing girls who feel they are too old to be playing with Barbie dolls and want an advanced Barbie too! Well, this Barbie player was made for that. Teenage girls and even older women will find this gadget interesting because it is an MP3 Player that includes a mirror for checking your face every now and then. You can carry it in your purse or pocket because it is a compact thing that fits in your hand. If you are not checking your face, then you will be listening to your favorite songs on this Barbie Player.

7 – Smart Candles

These ‘Smart Candles’ will cause you to reminisce about that wonderful romantic night. The advantage is that they don’t mess up your table with wax since they are LED digital candles that run on batteries. They will glow longer than normal candles and you only need to recharge them. What more, they also give off that nice fragrance that gives you a good feeling.

8 – Karaoke Microphone

The Karaoke Microphone may not be every girl’s dream, but it will delight a particular group of women…those who love shows and singing. You can easily turn your bedroom into a Karaoke Club with this microphone and home theater system.

9 – Electrical Adapter ( Hammacher Schlemmer )

What? What the hell does a girl do with an Electrical Adapter? Are you out of your mind? I can hear some girls and guys screaming. Maybe an Electrical Adapter is something that a clueless nerdy guy will buy for a girl…Right? Wrong. In this modern age, most professionals (both men and women) have a hectic life, travelling to and fro each day, week and month. If you are constantly flying and spending most of your time in hotels and motels, then you might need a versatile (universal) adapter that will make it easy to connect your electronic devices and prevent any power surges that might damage your device. Your CEO wife or Sales Rep wife will probably thank you for this.

10 – Bliss Earphones

These glamorous earphones will appeal to any young woman who loves listening to music from a Mobile Player. They are not only nice looking and cool but they can reduce background noise so that the sound is clear.

11 – Cedar Wood Calculator

Any woman or girl who works with numbers will love this cedar wood calculator. It is ideal for offices. Besides calculating figures, it also serves as an aesthetic ornament to decorate your desk.

12 – Crystal USB memory cards

USBs are an accompaniment to most people who frequently use the computer and internet. It will be surprising to own a computer and not have a USB to store your temporary data these days. The Swarovski USB is a gift that resembles a diamond-studded crystal gem. Its looks will never fail to please any woman. Its maximum storage capacity is 1GB and you can store hundreds of photos and songs.

13 – Flip-Ultra Digital Camera

Snap photos with style. This small camera will be appreciated by women and girls who love capturing that amazing scene or moment while partying, traveling or attending a show. The Flip Ultra-Digital Camera takes short videos and it contains a USB port that will allow the downloading of videos and images in seconds.

14 – Mini-Leica Camera  

The Mini Leica Camera is a miniature camera that is cool to walk around with. You can take pictures anywhere with this camera and its size will not make you feel like a Paparazzi or Journalist.

15 – Hot Ring

We all know a ring is a special gift that is used to convey something more than just a friendly message. This ring is different from other rings because it can communicate to its wearer in a special way. The ring works like a thermostat. It has an inbuilt heater that warms up your finger when a planned event approaches. You simply set the dates of the special events e.g. your partner’s birthday. It will heat up and warm your finger 24 hours before the start of the event. The Hot Ring will also use your body heat to recharge its internal battery.