I received an email from Radio Shack that told me I could get a gift card for my old working electronics. I could either get an estimate on their web site over the internet on the value of the item, or go into one of their stores and have an associate tell me how much my item was worth. This got me thinking.

My church has always had a bin where you could place old cell phones and they could be recycled to persons less fortunate for reuse. Many of my old electronics are in good working condition. I don’t want to throw them away, and it’s not a good idea to toss most of this stuff into a land fill because of toxins. Here are some ideas on getting rid of some of those unused electronics just lying around the house collecting dust.

Sell Them

As I mentioned earlier, you could sell those old electronics to Radio Shack. Another idea is to sell them on eBay. I have sold old electronics there before. I sold an old digital camera I had last year on eBay. It’s possible that you might get more money for your old electronics by selling them yourself rather than to a company like Radio Shack. Just because you aren’t using that item anymore, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have any value. When I upgrade my GPS, I plan on selling my old one on eBay. People are always looking for bargains and buying working used electronics can save you money. In order to increase your chances of selling a used electronic item pick a time of year, like Christmas, to improve your chances of selling the item.

Recycle Them

Best Buy has recycling programs. They will take just about anything. If you’ve got an old television lying around, Best Buy will take it for recycling or disposal. Best Buy stores have a recycling kiosk where you can drop in your old rechargeable batteries and inkjet cartridges. They also have a program like Radio Shacks, where you can get money for working electronics. For a fee, Best Buy will come and remove up to 2 TVs or 1 TV and an appliance from your home. Some of those old TVs are pretty big and heavy and not easy to dispose of. There are Best Buy stores located all over the country, and it’s convenient to take your old ink jet cartridges and batteries and drop them in their kiosks.

Donate Them

You could also donate old electronics to a local thrift store. There is an online site called Recycling for Charities. They accept cell phones, PDAs, digital cameras, iPods, and laptops. You can select the charity that you want your donation to benefit, and your donations are tax deductible. Once you have filled out their online form, you are able to print out your shipping label and tax donation forms. It’s very simple to donate. There are many online sites and local charities to choose from.

There are many ways to recycle old appliances and electronic devices. It doesn’t make sense to just throw them into a land fill. These items need to be disposed of responsibly. It’s really easy to do this. Check in your community for ways to recycle your old electronics.