A classic game is a classic game, that’s for certain, but when game developers add a new game to a video game series, you’d expect something new. Following are 10 video game franchises that haven’t changed in years that we keep getting tricked into buying.

1. Super Mario Bros.

Mario has been around since his first appearance as Jumpman in Donkey Kong (back in 1981), but even back then, Mario was doing the exact same thing he has been doing for the last 30 years: jumping platforms to save his damsel in distress, Princess Toadstool. Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of Mario Bros. spin-off games and different types of Mario games in the Mario franchise, but Mario Bros. games all follow the same platform (pun intended); Mario jumping from platform to platform in order to save the Princess from some evil captor.

2. Pokémon

Pokémon is the exact same game as it was when it was first launched (with the addition of color). Every Pokémon game starts exactly the same way; you play a new Pokémon catching wanabe and are given a free Pokémon that you’ll then use to catch other wild Pokémon with. The only difference you’ll find in a Pokémon video game is its name and maybe a few added Pokémon thrown in there every now and then.

3. Harvest Moon

I’m one of those adult gamers that absolutely love the Harvest Moon video game franchise. I think I’ve played every Harvest Moon video game in the entire franchise series (including the Rune Factory video games) and I can’t help but notice that every single last Harvest Moon video game in the entire series hasn’t changed a single thing from the first Harvest Moon game (other than graphics and town names). In Harvest Moon, you’ll play a boy (girls are also available nowadays), that must start a farm in a new (usually struggling) town. You’ll get new upgrades for tools and will have holidays throughout your game in Harvest Moon and each game will play out the exact same way as the first game did.

4. Pacman

Woccup, Woccup, Woccup, Woccup, WeeOweeOeeOooo Woop Woop! Pacman is a classic arcade game that has been featured on every gaming console platform to exist over the last 30 years. Pacman (and his wife, Ms. Pacman) has been the exact same slow to fast paced game of orbb gluttony and ghost chasing (usually fleeing) since 1980 and the design has held true and not changed the entire time.

5. Tetris

While we’re on classic arcade games, why not mention Tetris. This block stacking puzzle game has longevity almost as long as Pacman, has been features on just about every video game system, and has gone unchanged for over 25 years. Rotating blocks to fit in block gaps is the name of this game and this classic needs not be changed, but we’ll continue to buy it anyhow.

6. Mega Man

Mega Man also known as Rock Man in Japan has been battling the evil Dr. Wiley and a vast assortment of evil robots (with super powers to boot) with the assistance of Dr. Light and his trusty Dog, Rush, since the mid 1980s in the exact same way. Mega Man’s platform jumping and burst shooting charm has made gamers support this series and buy the crap out of its games for almost 25 years, without changing much if anything about the series (which is super hard in Mega Man 10 btw).

7. Grand Theft Auto

To be fair, something does change in every Grand Theft Auto video game series; the main character that you play. Other than the main character the game play of all Grand Theft Auto games post GTA 3 have been the exact same, yet we continue to buy Grand Theft Auto games to pick up hookers and hit them with our stolen cars afterwards (to get the money back). Punching innocent people, stealing vehicles, running from the police, and being an all around jackass is what Grand Theft Auto is all about, and Rockstar Games aren’t breaking the mold by making anything different in any of its games in the GTA franchise series.

8. Tomb Raider

The original video game vixen, Lara Croft, of Tomb Raider, has been raiding tombs in the exact same way since 1995. Tomb Raider was one of the first games to really pioneer 3D gaming and has reserved itself as an iconic classic video game. With that being said, Lara Croft, has been the exact same pistol touting, puzzle solving, tomb raiding vixen for over 15 years (without aging – impressive). Gamers continue to buy Tomb Raider games to hear Lara moan as she climbs rocks and jumps, drool over her curvaceous form, and tilt the camera at revealing angles for some POV and voyeuristic game play.

9. Street Fighter

I’m not sure if the folks over at Capcom can count or not, but there have been over umpteen-quadrillion (yes, these are real numbers) Street Fighter 2 games. Street Fighter is the same button-mashing fighting game it’s always been since it was introduced on the arcade in 1987 (with less sucky graphics). Street fighter has done magic for tournament style fighter games, but has gone unchanged for almost 25 years – and is still going strong.

10. Bomberman

Bomberman, the strategy bomb setting maze game has been a strong video game series franchise since 1983 and has only changed in that it has gone from 2D to 3D graphics. I was just playing a game of Bomberman Online on the Nintendo Wii the other day and thought “this is the exact same game, but dammit if it still ain’t fun.” Classics like Bomberman don’t need to change and gamers have been bombing each other for 27 years thanks to Bomberman.