In this article I will show you the standard effects that you can apply to blocks and other textures in Roblox Studio. There aren’t very many of them, but each of them has its own settings with which you can very much modify the effect.

Effects can be applied to some objects and blocks, so the first thing to do is to create and install a block.

On the HOME tab, click on the Part button and choose Block

Set it anywhere on the map. Next, in the Explorer panel, hover over the Part and click on the button that appears

In the list that appears, click on the rectangular icon in the upper right corner to expand it further and see all available tools.

Find the Effects column, which contains all the standard Roblox Studio effects. Choose one you like by clicking on it with the left mouse button.

Roblox Studio effects

A simple explosion effect, for which you’ll need to set the location and trigger (event or timer).

A solid combustion effect. You don’t need to set it up at all, everything is fine as it is.

The most boring effect in Roblox Studio, which just repaints the block and allows you to play with the color saturation.

An interesting effect of smoothly rising particles from a block. It has many settings, particle size, color, etc.

Another dynamic smoke effect. You can set the area of propagation and color.

Cool effect of sparks, emitted by the block. Also has a lot of settings like area, color, etc.