The Fire Giant is the obligatory boss in the game Elden Ring.


This fire giant survived the Giant War. Queen Marika, upon realizing that the flames of the giant’s forge would never go out, placed a curse on the unfortunate giant to keep it burning until the end of time.


The Giant’s Peaks. Protects the gateway to the Forge of the Giants. From the place of grace “Church of Tranquility” you have to go east, to the chain-bridge over the precipice. After the chain there is a crevice that leads to the boss arena.


First Phase


The giant hits the bowl on the ground, creating a snow avalanche rushing at the player. The easiest way to dodge it is on the horse in one of two ways: catch the moment and make a double jump over the wave, or gallop to it and dismount at the last moment (this action gives frames of invulnerability) (only the first phase).


The Giant jumps up and hits the bowl on the ground with force (first phase only).

Horizontal Kick

The Giant swings the bowl left and right across a wide radius. May make several such attacks in a row (first phase only).


The Giant stomps, dealing relatively low damage and knocking the player down (first phase only).
Falling – the Giant lifts the bowl over his head and drops onto the player (first phase only).


The Giant rolls sideways, changing his position and direction of view. This move gives the Giant frames of invulnerability, while the roll deals damage to you. Occurs in both phases.
The following attacks can additionally be encountered in the first phase by cutting off the Giant’s left leg:

Fire projectile

The Giant launches a fast-moving fire projectile at the player.

Fallen God Flame

The Giant creates a slow-moving ball of fire that follows the player. Once the player is within range the ball explodes, dealing massive damage and leaving a burning area. The giant launches them in pairs in Phase 2. Occurs in both phases.

Scorch, flame!

The Giant lets out a roar, sets one or both hands on fire, then slams them into the ground, generating pillars of flame over a large radius. The attack occurs in both phases. In the second phase, the columns of flame become noticeably larger.

Second Phase

After losing about 50% of his health, the Giant will roar and go into phase two after the cutscene. All cup attacks disappear, but new ones are added.

Vulcan The Giant roars and then leans back, hurling boulders into the air. Each boulder explodes on contact with the ground. It’s best to keep your distance from the boss at this point.


The Giant swings and strikes with his hand to the left or right, depending on the player’s position.
Flamethrower – The Giant draws air and exhales flames over a very large area, following you. The attack is done fairly quickly, best to run away on horseback.

Flamethrower 2

The Giant collapses to the ground, revealing his vulnerable place to attack – his chest. After a few seconds, the jaws on his chest begin to spit out tongues of flame.


Battle Tactics Hints

  • Avoid summoning Ashes with low health.
  • Fire Giant is not immune to bleed so any weapon that quickly boosts Bleed status, given the boss’ huge health count, will be effective. For example Shamshir and Curved Sword of the Grave Digger with Ashes of War: Seppuku in a fighting stance with White Mask and Blood Lord’s Triumph will deal a lot of damage.
  • During the second phase, while the giant is screaming you can use Swarm of Flies to boost Bleed status.

General Information

  • Use the horse to shorten your range. Using Invulnerability rolls while rushing can help you avoid damage from his first attack, but staying on your horse during the first phase is highly discouraged. The Giant will be swinging his bowl and attacking while jumping, and the only way to avoid damage is to roll, which is impossible while you’re in the saddle.
  • The Giant takes reduced damage to all his body parts, except for the two exceptions below.
  • The sheer amount of health makes the battle very protracted: it can easily last up to 4-5 minutes even on a well pumped character.

Phase One

During the first phase the Giant is quite mobile and will use rolls to break the distance if you are behind or under him for too long. Aim for his left leg, which is wrapped with rope. After it breaks, a vulnerable spot will open up. At this point the boss will stop briefly, so take advantage of the moment to do as much damage as possible. The Giant will roll again and three more attacks will be added to his arsenal: Fireball, Fallen God’s Flame and Burn, Flame.

Phase 2

In the second phase, the vulnerability will move from his leg to his left forearm. This is a very dangerous spot, so jump on your horse and ride to the Giant behind his back as most of the boss attacks will be in front of him. Be careful when sideways, as he can suddenly start rolling around trying to change positions. The boss can be thrown off-balance and will fall, thus opening his eye for a punch. This will do a decent amount of damage. Nevertheless, be careful, as the boss won’t lie down for long, and being right in front of it makes you extremely vulnerable. Otherwise, the tactics are similar to the first phase. Try to stay behind him and catch moments to attack. The Giant has a lot of health, so be patient and watch your stamina and health of the Stream.


  • Alexander, Iron Fist can be summoned as a phantom for a boss fight.
  • It is a must-have boss for the game.
  • The boss is considered a Legendary Enemy.
  • The boss can be knocked off balance in any phase of combat. During the second phase it will open you up for a critical hit, but leaves you in an extremely uncomfortable position.