Who is Godfrey? 

Godfrey, First Elden Lord is a late legendary boss in Elden Ring that looks very spectacular to say the least. That’s not to say it’s a very difficult boss, but without the right strategy it will make you regret the frivolity more than once. So , let’s go over everything in order!

Godfrey, First Elden Lord in Elden Ring

Godfrey was once lord of Elden. Was a ferocious warrior, and determined to become lord, he placed the regent beast Serosh on his back to somehow quench his burning thirst for battle.

– The Boss of the Class is a mighty foe.

– The legendary Godfrey’s Token talisman is awarded for a kill.

– You will need 1 swordsword to open the dungeon

– Split Earth. Boss pokes his axe into the ground and creates a small ground shock wave, then thrusts it even deeper and creates a medium area shock wave

– Air Punishment. Boss starts spinning his axe around himself and creates an airflow around himself, then kicks the ground creating a small shock wave, then rolls to the player, jumps into the air and jumps on the player

– Double Axe Strike. Boss launches two axe blows in a row

– Rushing blow. Boss drags his axe along the ground creating sparks, then slowly speeds up and does a large chopping blow

– A series of 3 blows. Boss makes a hand strike with the axe as well, then makes 1 more hand strike

– Slow punch around. Boss swings very slowly, then does a roundhouse kick

– Five Godfrey Signs. The boss begins a series of 5 strong blows, starting with 2 quick chopping blows in a row, followed by a bottom up blow, and then 2 relatively quick top down blows. The series has a large kill radius!

– Air Streams. Boss starts the attack the same way as an air cara, but instead of rolling, makes 2 swings with his axe, each of which creates 2 air streams that fly at the player.

Godfrey, First Elden Lord

Once you get to the capital of Leindell in the Elden Ring, you will have to face many high-level mobs, which will be a serious challenge for you. The mid-level boss you’ll encounter on your way to the Great Fleece of Morgoth is First Lord Godfrey, who can cause quite a bit of headache along the way.

The Ring of Elden bosses are a unique experience that makes you strain to the limit as you patiently learn the characteristics of each opponent. With Godfrey you have to do just that, and once you memorize these techniques, you’ll realize that this boss fight couldn’t be easier.


Laindell, the capital of Ashes. Located near the Throne of Elden, where the battle with Morgott used to take place. The nearest place of grace is “The Queen’s Chambers”.

How to defeat the boss Godfrey, First Elden Lord in Elden Ring

With all due respect to the First Elden Lord, Godfrey is a minor boss that does not involve multiple phases, but can be solved with the right approach and a good understanding of his schemes. And fairly quickly, at least by Elden Ring standards.

Godfrey, First Elden Lord

Godfrey himself has a rather limited set of movements:

  • Hell stomps his foot on the ground, triggering a powerful ranged attack.
  • Hell uses his axe for another ranged attack.
  • Hell uses his axe again in close combat.

As with Godric the Grafted, it is important that you manage to fight from as far away as possible so that you are not stunned by the first blow and have more reaction space when you need to dodge his subsequent attacks.

If you chose a melee class and have enough composure, you can even try to use a shield to parry his attacks. However, it is preferable to use the middle range, where you can also use the special attack of your weapon, which can be summoned with the Ashes of War.

If you manage to execute and repeat this pattern, you’ll defeat Godfrey before you know it. The rewards aren’t bad either: by defeating Godfrey, the First Elden Lord, players can get an extra slot for their talismans and as much as 80,000 runes, which can be invested in developing their character.

Godfrey, First Elden Lord (Golden Shade) – The obligatory boss in the game Elden Ring.

A dim, golden shadow of the great ruler of Elden. She is capable of showing a very small fraction of Godfrey’s true power, but even she is capable of outmaneuvering a large number of skilled warriors.


Godfrey, First Elden Lord in Elden Ring

Phase 1

– Godfrey attacks with broad sweeps of his axe. He will then strike the ground, causing an earthquake in front of him.

– Godfrey has two easy to use attacks. He jumps up, then strikes, burying his axe in the ground. You will have a moment to attack while he is in animation. He will also hit the ground from a standing position and leave himself briefly vulnerable while he scoops up recovery.

– He has long range when he strikes straight down with his axe. Most of his attacks are easier to dodge by rolling left/right rather than backwards. Keep in mind that he doesn’t look at it, but he’s fast.

Phase 2

After you wear Godfrey down to 50% health, you begin Phase 2 of the battle. The cute ghostly lion around his neck awaits a sad fate and the boss continues on in the transformed image of Horus Lux.

– Godfrey’s attacks will become faster and combine longer attack combinations. Other than that, he doesn’t change much. Summoning your Spirits will really help you destroy him at this point.
– The easiest way to fight him is to summon his jump attack. When he jumps into the air and lowers his axe, attack him and then dodge sideways as he tries to chase. After escaping, you can get into another attack.

Make sure, as always, that you have enough health portions, because you will definitely need flasks during the second phase. Another aspect of this battle that makes it challenging is its powerful combos. If you get hit once, you have to be careful to dodge his other attacks or you’re dead.