Godrick the Grafted is a boss in the game Elden Ring. He is one of the six demigods.


Ruler of Thunderbolt Castle, Godric’s descendant, defeated by all and sheltered from other demigods in his domain.

As a child he was weak and needy in spite of his origins, and after a string of defeats he became obsessed with the idea of “growing up”. His hunters combed the surrounding countryside to sacrifice to him the Wispy Men, whose remains he used to flatten his own body.


Stormhill, Stormveil Castle location. Located in the northern part of the castle.


First Phase

Not as dangerous in ranged combat at this stage, as he is rather slow. His main weapons are two axes and a hypertrophied arm, with which he creates air vortices around himself or launches a barrage of attacks. The most notable of these are:

Whirlwind attack

The boss starts swinging his axe around him, creating streams of wind, which can be blocked by a shield with 100% physical protection, but such action takes away a lot of stamina, but can help if Godric started the animation and the player didn’t have time to move away. Rolls, however, will not help you get away from the damage while preparing an attack. It ends with a sharp jump to the side of the character or a long-range wind attack. From both you can do a roll, after which there is a window to hit.

Flurry of strikes

Are indiscriminate attacks with axes and hand, can be identified by shifting the axe from hand to hand. Able to do impressive damage, but do not reach behind his back, just enough to spin around the boss to avoid the blows.

On your knees!

A powerful axe blow to the ground, knocking everyone nearby down and dealing quite a bit of damage. The attack creates several successive shock waves. In the first phase, Godric makes two attacks, after which a window to strike opens. In the second phase he makes two quick attacks and then, a short time later, a third, which can catch the player off guard.

Phase Two

After losing ~40% of his health, Godric will launch a special attack, cutting off his arm and triggering a cutscene. In this phase he becomes less active in melee combat, but all of his area attacks are multiplied: whirling dragon flames, axe strikes to the ground become even more devastating, and his arsenal is augmented by dragonhead attacks:

Fire Breath

A long jet of flame hitting the entire area in front of the boss, or a dense stream of fire directly in front of him. Conducting this attack opens his back to attack. Therefore, the best solution is to dodge towards the boss (under the dragon’s arm).

Capturing the dragon’s mouth

Is an attack that deals colossal damage on successful completion.


  • Cooperative mode and summoning creatures with ashes is available on this boss.
  • You can summon Nefeli Lux. She is in the room in front of the passageway with Troll, leading to the fog with the boss. It is necessary to exhaust all dialogues for the summoning sign to appear.
  • Vulnerable to attacks of bleeding, frostbite, red rot, poison, and sleep.
  • Immune to insanity and instant death.
  • Can be knocked off balance and hit critically.
  • Boss attacks can be parried.
  • Despite being the de facto ruler of the land, Godric’s subjects treat him with enormous contempt – it’s hard to find a character that doesn’t refer to him as “a power-hungry old fool. The aristocrats also treat Godric with contempt, regarding him as an upstart.
  • Describes himself as “the lord of all the gold in the world.”
  • Godric is the most powerful of the Homunculi, the most powerful of the Homunculi and the worst of the Homunculi. He is also said to have been the source of many of Roderica’s victims, including Godric’s Hunters, who brought the Dullards into his dominion.
  • When cast at long range, a somersault against movement works, probably invulnerability frames work.
  • If you get behind him when the boss enters phase two, you can get a series of punches in time. In the example of the Knockdown, a safe series would be 3 hits, after which you can successfully roll away from the boss attack.