Morgott’s Great Rune can be activated in the Divine Tower of East Altus . This tower is located near Leindell, but it can only be found by taking a certain path. To activate the Great Fleece, climb the tower and interact with the dead Two Fingers on its top.

How to find the Divine Tower of East Altus?

The Divine Tower of East Altus can be found by following the path from Leindell, the royal capital. Starting at the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace, head north-east along the main road to a locked gate. Push this gate, then continue along the path past the enemies of the Unborn, killing or dodging them.

At the end of the path turn left to find an elevator. Activate the lever here to go up the tower. At the top, continue straight ahead and kill or dodge the Laindell soldiers . Continue straight ahead over the bridge and deal with the Laindell soldier on horseback. After that straight ahead to the next elevator. If you like, take the elevator down to get to Forbidden Land, a place of grace that will provide a close checkpoint for the upcoming encounter.

Whether you have activated Forbidden Land, a place of grace or not, use the southeast exit from the top of the tower elevator. After taking a few steps across the bridge, the world will turn black and the Twins will appear . These two bosses must be defeated to continue .

After the Fallen Twins have been defeated, continue southeast along the bridge until you reach the Divine Tower of East Altus. Take the elevator to the top and activate the Great Morgott Rune at the base of the Two-toed Dead.

What does the Morgott’s Great Rune do?

The effects of Morgott’s Great Rune are quite simple; it will increase your maximum HP . When activated, Morgott’s Great Fleece increases your health by 25 percent after applying other health-enhancing effects such as buffs, gear and spells.

Although it’s not the most interesting thing, Morgott’s Great Fleece will give you a big chunk of extra health that will allow you to survive bosses later in the game. Just remember to use the Arc of Rune to get the effects of the Great Rune.