Tibia Mariner is a unique boss that appears in the game in four different locations. Even though the boss is considered a side item, it drops a unique item needed for several storylines. Here’s everything you need to know about Tibia Mariner.

General Information


  • Sammonwater Village, Limgrave
  • East Liornia of the Lakes.
  • Windham Ruins, Altus Plateau
  • Giant Mountains


  • Limgrave: Root of Death; Ashes of a militia skeleton
  • Liurnia: 4,700 runes; Death Root; Ashes of a Militant Skeleton
  • Ruins of Wyndham: 14,000 runes of Death Root; Summoning of Tibia
  • Mountaintops: 4,234 runes of the root of death; Spire of Helfen


  • Physical attacks (jump attacks)
  • Sacred Attacks

Tibia Mariner is a unique boss that you can first encounter in Summonwater Village, Limgrave. The boss holds a horn while floating on a small boat. You don’t have to fight the boss, and you can progress through the story without encountering it. Defeating the boss will give you the death root and skeleton militia ash. The death root is a very important item that you need to unlock areas, quests, and further advancement in the story.

The boss appears in three more places and has the same set of moves. However, they will be more difficult than the first one because they are located in high-level areas. Of all the Tibia Mariner bosses located in Lournia, Plateau Altus, and the Giant Mountains, the hardest boss fight will be against the boatman in the Wyndham Ruins. This is because the Wyndham ruins are full of skeleton enemies who can resurrect themselves if you don’t hit them again, and a new giant skeleton attack has been added.

The Root of Death is an item dropped from every Sailor Tibia boss, you can give it to Gurank, the beast priest in the Beast Sanctuary of Kaelid, in exchange for rewards.

As for the mountaintop giants in the ruins of Snow Valley, he doesn’t even have a long boss health scale. Although the local boatman can summon a giant skeleton, fighting him is fairly easy, his only aid being two Skeleton Snails.


Tibia Mariner is known for being one of the easiest bosses in the game, no matter when you face him. Although his attacks are a bit varied, they don’t pose much of a threat or do much damage. The only attack to watch out for is the “Raise the Boat” attack, as it can do a lot of damage if you react too late to it. However, you should still be careful with the boss, especially when it summons giant skeletons.

Summoning Enemies

Tibia Mariner blows his horn and calls his enemies for help in battle.

Raise the boat

Boss lifts the boat and then smashes it with a powerful AOE, dealing damage to the player.

Running away when the boat starts to float is the only way to avoid this attack.


Tibia Mariner teleports to another location in the arena.

Boat Strike

The boss raises the bow (front part) of the boat and hits the player with it. This attack has good guidance.

Running away allows you to avoid this attack.


When you break the distance, the boss is able to splash water at the character (the splash flies in a trajectory similar to the spell Beggar of Blood).

stand behind him to avoid the attack.

Additional attacks

Bosses on the Altus Plateau and Mountain Peaks can summon a Giant Skeleton from the ground to deliver a hand strike or swing.

Simply mount your horse as soon as you hear a loud roar and gallop as far as possible.

Giant Skeleton Eye Laser Attack

Giant Skeleton will push his head forward and flatten it before firing a deadly laser from his eye.

Again, stay on your horse most of the time so you can gallop away quickly.

Combat Strategies

There are three strategies for this fight: approach and attack with melee weapons, use Sorcery, or ride your horse and attack when near the boss.

As for the Giant Skeleton, don’t try to attack it. Always focus on the Tibia Mariner.

Close Combat Strategy

The melee strategy is the simplest. All you have to do is to run away from the hit and lift the boat. Use a heavy weapon: it stuns the boss badly and interrupts several of his attacks. You can summon online players or Spirits to fight. Ashes of a lone wolf, can be a great aid in battle.

Especially for a boss battle on the Plateau of Altus and the Giants’ Peaks it is crucial to use an effective spirit ash. You can choose a tank spirit ash such as Kaiden Mercenary. Since its other weakness is sacred damage, we recommend using an encrypted sword or sacred war ash blade for higher level fights. If you don’t have such a weapon in your arsenal, try Order’s Blade or Holy Grease spells instead. The key is to use a weakness to sacred damage.

Equestrian Strategy

The equestrian strategy may be the easiest of all strategies. This strategy ensures that the focus stays on the boss and you easily dodge any attack while running away from the boss. Plus, you can quickly move to the boss’ location when he uses the teleporter.

You can also choose which direction to attack the horse from.

Ranged Combat Strategy

For a ranged combat strategy, be either on horseback or just on the ground. Sitting on horseback will allow you to move and direct your spells. Swift Glintstone Shard (Sorcery) is the best spell to use in combat because it has a quick application animation and doesn’t require much mana.

You can bring all vials of Azure Tears to restore mana if you’re sure you won’t need much healing.

The boss has no ranged attacks, so it won’t be able to punish you. Therefore, taking health potions is not necessary if you know how to dodge skeletal attacks.

Using a bow is not recommended, as it shoots very slowly and doesn’t do much damage. However, if you want to use a bow, a short bow is recommended, as it has a much higher rate of fire. As for Wyndham Ruins, consider using the tank ash spirit recommended above to help you.