Elden Ring has been out for several months, and with its progress and updates it has released several sets of weapons, classes, talismans and armor that players can choose to build. building their dreams. With the weapons also comes a large variety of katana, on which the Elden Ring Dual Katana Build will be based. In addition, builds such as Pyromancy, Faith, and Intelligence have unique play styles that players can access and play throughout the game.

Essentially, Katanas offer an experience that no other can, with the ability for players to get up close and personal with an enemy to deal massive damage that will result in their destruction and help the player gain victory when they are busy. fighting their opponents.

Assembling with Dual Katana build

The Dual Katana build that we will cover in today’s tutorial essentially covers everything from the weapon options that players can choose from to the basic armor sets that players can also use. The way the Dual Katana build is implemented is that players will use their katanas and wield them properly.

Even though it is used for dueling, they will have even more power in their hands and can face any opponent, chopping and piercing them with normal and heavy melee attacks that will render any enemies useless. High damage allows for instant victory, but keep in mind that this particular build requires a ton of stamina and also requires players to maintain their HP to stay alive.

So, let’s get started!

Statistics for Dual Katana Build

To get the most out of the Dual Katana Build in Elden Ring, players usually have several sets of stats that they need to prioritize in order to get the most damage. This build will focus on Intelligence, Energy, Strength, and Dexterity. Given the classes offered in Elden Ring, why not take a look at our Elden Ring Samurai build?


Starting with the first major characteristic, players will generally want to explore Intelligence, as most of the weapons we’ll mention will scale. from Intelligence, and also require special sorcery for this build. Investing in intelligence will not only make the player stronger, but also more resistant to certain attacks directed at him by his opponent.

Essentially, the focus of intelligence is on controlling how well the player can use sorcery or magic spells and how powerful their overall damage from sorcery will ultimately be. Another thing to note is that magic that scales from Intelligence will receive an attack power boost. Players will also be able to counter attacks from enemies that deal specifically magical damage. The Elden Ring Astrologer build can give players an idea of how to properly use each in-game arsenal.


Another important characteristic that players should invest in is Energy, which players will need if they want to at least try the Dual Katana build. As we mentioned earlier, wielding a paired weapon will cost a player a certain amount of health points, and players must maintain a set standard of health points if they want to succeed in their battles.

The main help that Vigor provides the player is that it controls how well the payer can maintain his health points, which directly means the player’s ability to stay alive in a difficult situation when he has to fight his enemy. Investing in Energy will also give the player extra resistance to fire and immunity to attacks. Speaking of attributes, take a look at this Elden Ring Dex build and find out how to master the art of properly dividing character characteristics and winning the battle.

The Power of

Moving on, another useful characterization investment that players should think about is Strength. which will help them even more when they’re struggling to handle a boss battle.

Essentially, Strength works so that a player’s ability controls how well they can wield a weapon, which is strictly a function of Strength and how much overall damage for that weapon. If players want higher damage, they should put points into Strength.


Last but not least, players may find it helpful if they put some points into Dexterity, but it is not a critical characteristic because only one of the weapons we will mention depends on Dexterity. The main reason to invest in Dexterity is that it will increase the overall attack power of any weapon whose scale depends on Dexterity. There is a special Elden Ring Rivers of Blood build that players can use in their future battles.

Weapons for the Dual Katana Build

If players want to dominate the Elden Ring Dual Katana Build, they will need to invest in at least two main weapons that they will use during duels during battles, and these weapons will help them defeat all kinds of enemies.

Moonveil Katana

Starting with the first weapon option, the Moonveil Katana is one of the best katana found in Elden Ring, and players who decide to invest in it will not regret it. The main reason players might want to equip this weapon is that it will help them deplete the health of stronger opponents.

The weapon itself depends on Intelligence and Dexterity, which we discussed earlier, so players need to invest in Dexterity to own the weapon. Players will be able to punch and chop their enemies as long as they have the Moonveil Katana build in their arsenal.

The weapon skill “Transient Moonlight” allows the player to charge the weapon and magically strike with a ranged blade with normal or heavy attack and with great mobility to deal massive amounts of damage, rendering them useless. The weapon scales to Strength E, Dexterity D and Intelligence C and requires 23 Intelligence, 18 Dexterity and 12 Strength points. Get your hands on Moonveil Katana with our Elden Ring Moonveil Katana location guide!

Physical Damage 73
Magic Damage 87
Damage from fire 0
Light damage 0
Holy damage 0
Crit. damage 100
Physical Defense 31
Magic Defense 57
Fireguard 26
Light Guardian 26
Holy Guardian 25
Enhanced Guardian 31


Moving on to the next weapon option, we have the Uchigatana in our arsenal, which can really help players when they are in the middle of a battle with bosses or enemies with one objective. Whether it’s PvE or PvP combat, the Uchigatana is a great weapon because it deals decent stabbing and chopping damage to enemies.

The weapon itself depends on Strength and Dexterity; therefore, players are encouraged to invest a few points in said attributes so they can make the weapon even more powerful than it already is. Uchigatan has a passive skill that causes severe blood loss to enemies, causing them to die much faster.

The weapon skill is the same as that of the Moon Veil Katana, with which the player can hold and prepare a weapon in a rack, and with incredible elegance he can attack enemies and continue to attack them with charged attacks. Uchigatana depends on Dexterity D and Strength D, and will require 15 Dexterity Points and 11 Strength Points. Read our Elden Ring Uchigatana location guide to find out how to get this weapon in-game.

Physical Damage 115
Magic Damage 0
Damage from fire 0
Light damage 0
Holy damage 0
Crit. damage 100
Physical Defense 45
Magic Defense 30
Fireguard 30
Light Guardian 30
Holy Guardian 30
Enhanced Guardian 30

Meteoric Ore Blade

Packing a weapon, we have the latest katana option that players can use for their Elden Ring Dual Katana Build, and we’re pretty sure that Meteoric Ore Blade will be able to provide the damage output that an experienced Elden Ring player needs to get through the endgame content.

Since Intelligence D, Dexterity E, and Strength D depend on the weapon, players can easily pair it with Mooveil Katana or Uchigatana to fight it, approach their opponents, and chop their guts, slowly depleting their HP until they are destroyed. While you’re at it, consider reading our Elden Ring meteorite ore blade location guide to get this weapon in play.

Physical Damage 112
Magic Damage 72
Damage from fire 0
Light damage 0
Holy damage 0
Crit. damage 100
Physical Defense 50
Magic Defense 45
Fireguard 31
Light Guardian 31
Holy Guardian 31
Enhanced Guardian 33

Armor Sets to Look At

As we progress through the Two-Katana Assemblies in Elden Ring, players can also explore light, medium, or heavy armor sets. The main thing players should pay attention to is that since this build requires a lot of mobility and riding, players will need to mix and match pieces so that at least 3 pieces are worn and one piece is worn. left behind to reduce the overall equipment limit.

Royal Remnant Set

Starting with our first armor set option, the Royal Remains Set remains one of the most viable options for both mid and late game players because it provides the perfect amount of protection, and while it is considered heavier when one of the pieces, such as the helmet, is removed, it can work great in battles.

Damage Reflection

Physical Negation 25.8
Hit Reflection 24.7
Slash denial 28.1
Piercing Denial 25.8
Magical denial 20.6
Denial of Fire 22.1
Light Denial 17.2
Holy Denial 19


Immunity Resistance 84
Reliability Resistance 135
Resistance to focus 57
Resistance to survivorship 27
Resistance to balance 32
Royal Remains Helm

The first piece that fits into the puzzle of the Royal Remains set is the Royal Remains Helm, which can provide incredible protection for the player, whether they want to go into PvP battles or if they prefer to fight face to face with enemies and difficult bosses in PvE battles.

The main focus of the Royal Remains Helm is to reflect the physical, slashing and piercing damage it provides, as it ensures that the player stays alive while under the protection of the helmet. It also provides a constant amount of immunity and resilience resistance. The stats are listed below.

Damage Reflection
Physical Negation 4.2
Hit Reflection 4
Slash denial 4.6
Piercing Denial 4.2
Magical denial 3.4
Denial of Fire 3.6
Light Denial 2.8
Holy Denial 3
Immunity Resistance 15
Reliability Resistance 24
Resistance to focus 10
Resistance to survivorship 5
Resistance to balance 5
Royal Remains Armor

After completing a set with our next piece, players will usually also be accompanied by proper armor that will adorn their torso and promise to protect them from any type of attack that will be launched against the player by their opponents. and instead give players the opportunity to fiercely fight back.

Speaking of damage denial and armor resistance, as mentioned earlier, the highest amount of damage denial will be for chopping damage, while Physical, Piercing, and Impact are next, but keep in mind that elemental damage denial is not ignored at all. You can check out the stats and numbers below.

Damage Reflection
Physical Negation 11.9
Hit Reflection 11.4
Slash denial 12.9
Piercing Denial 11.9
Magical denial 9.5
Denial of Fire 10.2
Light Denial 8
Holy Denial 8
Immunity Resistance 35
Reliability Resistance 57
Resistance to focus 24
Resistance to survivorship 11
Resistance to balance 15
Royal Remains Gloves

To continue the set, Royal Remains Gauntlets are next in line, and players will be under the guise of their Dual Katana Build. The main reason players may want to invest in Gauntlets is that they will protect them from arm shots and instead allow the player to chop and pierce their enemies.

The primary focus of the Mittens of the King’s Remains will always be on physical denial, but players will also feel that when they are protected by the Mittens of the King’s Remains, their resistance to the elements against elemental damage directed at them is also greatly increased.

Immunity Resistance 12
Reliability Resistance 19
Resistance to focus 8
Resistance to survivorship 4
Resistance to balance 6
Royal Remains Greaves

Rounding out the scoring, we have Royal Remains Greaves in our arsenal, which we think every player should abuse, since the whole set is very good in combat on its own. When players are protected by Greaves, they become invincible and instead go crazy over their enemies.

Another important reason why players should look into the shrouds is that if, for whatever reason, a player ends up losing some of his HP during combat, it slowly recovers it, making him even more powerful.

Damage Reflection
Physical Negation 6.8
Hit Reflection 6.5
Slash denial 7.4
Piercing Denial 6.8
Magical denial 5.4
Denial of Fire 5.8
Light Denial 4.5
Holy Denial 5
Immunity Resistance 22
Reliability Resistance 35
Resistance to focus 15
Resistance to survivorship 7
Resistance to balance 5

Talisman to use with the Assembly with Dual Katana build

Doing a build with Dual Katana build in Elden Ring, we have some of the best recommendations for using mascots to increase their damage, as well as getting the chance to defeat stronger enemies to win the battle.

Starting with the first mascot, players tend to want to focus on maintaining their FP, as we mentioned earlier that this Katana build will eventually require a ton of stamina as well as FP. to get the most out of battles, players should be mindful of their FP expenditure. The best way to maintain it is to get a Carian Filigreed Crest. This gives players the ability to use their skills without having to spend a hell of a lot of FP, which is a huge blessing for players during combat, whether PvE or PvP.

Prosthesis Wearer Heirloom

Another important talisman that players can invest in is the Prosthesis Wearer Heirloom; As we talked about earlier, Dexterity is an attribute that players should invest in in this Elden Ring Katana Build. Dexterity, this talisman comes in handy.
The main reason to equip a heirloom prosthetic wearer is to increase dexterity by 5 points, which helps strengthen players and greatly speed up the achievement of victory.

Taker’s Cameo

Moving right along with the Elden Ring Dual Katana build players also have to sacrifice some of their health to wield their weapon in a duel, and since they can punch and chop opponents with two weapons in hand, it costs them some of their health points.
To get this back and ensure that the player does not die in combat with enemies, Taker’s Cameo promises to keep the player alive while they are busy on the battlefield, restoring some health points after completely destroying any enemy.

Millicent Prosthesis

Another dexterity-dependent talisman that players can abuse is the Millicent Prosthesis, which can boost a player’s overall performance and greatly increase the number of dexterity-dependent weapons.

The main reason the Millicent Prosthesis exists is to increase a player’s overall Dexterity points, which can make his build much more viable, and to increase the attack power of weapons, which depend mostly on Dexterity, as the player continues. to pierce enemies.

Erdtree’s Favor

Another additional talisman that we think players should always have in their arsenal is the Erdtree’s Grace talisman, as it makes the Double Katana build even more powerful and allows players to completely destroy enemies that are lucky enough to cross paths with the player.

The main way Erdtree’s Favor works is that it increases the player’s maximum health points, allowing the player to launch normal and heavy attacks on enemies with his dueling katana and render enemies useless; there is also an increased endurance and equipment load limit. The Elden Ring Bandit build may interest you as inspiration for future builds!

Crimson Amber Medallion

Last but not least, another important talisman that we think players should pay attention to is the Crimson Amber Medallion, which increases a player’s overall health scale, directly making them much stronger while they bus killing single-target enemies or difficult bosses.

There are three main options in which the Crimson Amber Medallion can exist: the default option, which will increase the player’s health by 6%, the +1 option will increase it by 7%, and the +2 option will increase it by the total. by 8%, and players are encouraged to invest and increase the talisman level to +2 to get the maximum health increase.

Terra Magica Spell

When it comes to spells, there is one important spell players may want to invest in in the Dual Katana Build that will not only help increase their overall magical damage, but also increase vitality. weapons, talismans, and overall play style for this build.

Terra Magica can help players as they fight their opponents by casting a seal that is placed on the ground. As long as the player stays within the main radius of the Terra Magica mark, the player’s magical damage output and magical power will be increased, making the player stronger in combat. Speaking of spells: have you seen our Elden Ring Comet Azur build? It’s one of the most powerful spells ever!

Creating Your Playstyle

As we mentioned at the beginning, the playstyle for this build is pretty easy to understand, and any player who wants to dominate mid and end content can benefit from using Elden Katana Build.
By picking up a Uchigatana or Moon Shroud Katana, players can take advantage of the damage these weapons inflict, while one of the weapons is also capable of dealing magic damage, which can be convenient for the player.

Since this build requires a lot of HP and FP, players can get help from various talismans that can enhance the player, as well as cast Terra Magica and amplify the magical damage output even more. Finally, by being protected by an armor set, players will always be protected. This concludes our guide to building the Elden Ring Dual Katana.

When creating your playable character in Elden Ring, you’ll have to decide on the class of your future hero right away. In the game there are 10 different variants, and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. But one of the strongest is the “Samurai”. This class has a lot of potential, but you need to use it correctly, so our guide will be an excellent assistant for you.

“Samurai” is suitable for the category of users who haven’t had any experience in SoulsLike projects before. And the first thing that can surprise this class is rich equipment.

Finding Uchigatan’s katana in Elden Ring

First of all, if you started your playthrough as a Samurai, you already have the Uchigatana Katana in your arsenal. For this class, it is the initial melee weapon, along with the bow. It comes with the Combat Ashes, giving Samurai players a formidable weapon to start off in the Elden Ring.
Alternatively, if you are not a Samurai, you should go to a dungeon called the Catacombs of Death, which is located just west of the Saintsbridge in Stormhill. This bridge is located just south of the Divine Tower Bridge.
Once inside the Catacombs, you have to wade through a series of mazes and take several turns. At some point along the way you will come across a room with a statue, next to which there will be a lever. Pull it down and then return to where you came from. After climbing the first set of stairs, turn left and walk down the narrow passageway. This will lead you to another part of the dungeon, which at the very end will open a door to a small room in front of you. In this room you will see a corpse hanging from a ledge. This corpse has an item that you can loot. This very item is the Uchigatana Katana.
The Uchigatana requires 11 strength and 15 dexterity to use, and has a base physical attack score of 115. It also has a hidden effect that causes accumulation of blood loss, as well as the ability to use Ashes of War.

While it may be easy to find a katana early on, here are some of the more difficult and unique items in this class of weapon:

Malenia’s Hand:

Malenia’s Hand, familiar to any Elden Ring player who has tried to fight Malenia 1 on 1, can be found after fighting Malenia herself and passing her memory to Enya in the Round Table Fortress. Aside from a particularly high blade dexterity requirement of 48, the most notable feature of Malenia’s Hand is a weapon skill, the Waterfowl Dance, which tosses its wielder into the air to deliver a series of blows.

Meteorite Ore Blade:

Rather you are going to build a meteorite mage or just have the intelligence score needed to wield it, the Meteorite Ore Blade is the perfect weapon for those looking for a katana skill with gravity magic. The meteorite ore blade can be found hidden in the ruins of Caelid Waypoint. The Ore Blade, requiring 15 Strength, 14 Dexterity and 18 Intelligence, is particularly useful for its Gravitas skill, which creates a gravity well that draws enemies to its caster and a unique heavy downward blow that stuns most enemies.


The longest boy among katana, Nagakiba is a long katana with a base bleed damage of 45 that can be amplified with Ashes of War. In addition to Ashes of War, Nagakiba is also notable for its powerful stabbing attack, which covers a large range because of the size of its blade. In addition to the required 18 Strength and 22 Dexterity, Nagakiba itself can be obtained through the Yura Blood Thumb Hunter questline.

Rivers of Blood:

This is everyone’s famous katana. which deals 52 units of blood loss and uses the Blood Digger skill. In addition to the Strength 12, Dexterity 18, and Arcane Magic 20 requirements, prospective Rivers of Blood owners will also have to face the Bloodfinger’s Okina.

Characteristics of the Rivers of Blood katana in Elden Ring

As you can see, Rivers of Blood’s stats aren’t the highest at the start, but it, like every other weapon in the game, can be dispersed with darkness forging stones. And, of course, she accumulates bleed, albeit only at 50. And yes, it can be used as a paired katana if you get a second one on the second playthrough.

  • Magic – 26
  • Lightning – 26
  • Sanctity – 26
    Starting Characteristics bonuses:
  • Strength – E
  • Dexterity – D
  • Sorcery – D
  • Dexterity – 18
  • Sorcery – 20

You can’t change the unique skill of the katana “Blood River”, “Corpse Picker”. And you won’t want to, because it’s a key feature of the katana. The protagonist makes a series of blows in front of him, dealing damage to all opponents in the huge area in front of him. Thanks to the animation with this skill, you can control a crowd of enemies and do a lot of damage to bosses.
Elden Ring gives players the freedom of choice to equip any weapon they want, as long as they match the characteristics. Finding the perfect weapon for your class and build can be a challenge, as the world of Elden Ring is vast. There are various weapons scattered all over the map, and it’s up to you to find them.
Fortunately, one of the best katanas available in the game can be found relatively early on. This weapon is optimal for the Samurai and Rogue classes. With that said, let’s get right down to business and see how to get the Meteoric Ore Blade Katana.

  • Elden Ring: How to Get Meteoric Ore Blade Katana Early
  • Enter the Dragon-Burned Ruins
  • Exit the Sellia Crystal Tunnel
  • Get to the Caelid Waypoint Ruins
  • Stats and Abilities

How to Get a Meteorite Ore Blade Katana Early

This is one of the best katana, as it has the second highest base damage of all other katanas. It also does both physical and magical damage, offering the player more variety. Given that this weapon is excellent, you might think that you can only find it in the later stages of the game. However, the good news is that you can get it relatively early on.

If you’re having trouble destroying bosses or enemies seem strong, you should get this weapon to make your life easier. I hope this convinced you to get the Katana. If you’re curious about how you can get it, we’ll take a look at that in the next section!

Enter the Dragon-Burned Ruins

The first step you need to take is to go to the Dragon-Burned Ruins. This is an early game location that can be found in Limgrave while exploring. From the First Step of Grace, go right and eventually you will come across this area. Don’t worry, it’s easy to find.

Get rid of the rats that are flooding the area. Once you’ve done that, open the door and you’ll see a treasure chest. It’s a trap, but we’ll use it to our advantage. Open the chest, and you will be teleported to Cellia’s Crystal Tunnel, located in Calida. Keep in mind that this is a high level area, so it’s best to avoid enemies for now.

Exiting the Sellia Crystal Tunnel

Once you are in the tunnel, exit it by running past any enemies you see. If you go into this area at the beginning of the game, you won’t be able to kill any enemies since they have a lot of HP. They also do tons of damage.

The exit is pretty easy, so run past all the enemies and out of the tunnel. We suggest that you activate the Site of Grace at the exit to make it easier for you to get there quickly.

Get to the Caelid Waypoint Ruins

Once out of the tunnel, use your vehicle to get to the Caelid Waypoint Ruins dungeon as shown in the image above. It’s not that far from the tunnel, so it won’t take long. Make sure that you avoid all enemies that you encounter on your way. Also, we do not recommend walking.
Once you get to the ruins, again you need to find the stairs that lead to the basement. Try to avoid enemies in the basement, but you may have to fight some of them. Go through the basement and you will find a chest behind the door. Open it and you will find a blade of meteorite ore.

Stats and abilities

As far as stats go, this weapon is very good, especially for Dex users. You have to have 15 STR, 14 DEX and 18 INT to use it properly. Also, the scaling is not bad either. It has D in STR, E in DEX and D in INT. For a weapon that you can get very early in the game, this is awesome.
This Katana can deal 112 physical attack damage and 72 magical damage. As for protection, the weapon has Physical Protection 50, Fire Protection 32, Magic Protection 45, Light Protection 31 and Lightning Protection 31.

Also, keep in mind that this Katana cannot be enhanced by Ashes of War, and you will need Grim Forge Stones to improve it.

The best thing about this blade is its ability, Gravitas. It’s a common skill that requires 13 focus points (FP) to use. You can use this ability to draw enemies to you and deal a lot of damage. The area of effect is large enough that most enemies can be stunned.

Here’s how you can get the Meteorite Ore Blade at the beginning of the Elden Ring. We’d love to hear what you think of the weapon, and have you managed to get one yet? Let us know in the comments below which weapon you currently use and what is your favorite?

There are eight different katanas in Elden Ring, and if that’s your choice, you’ll definitely need to know where to find them. Some take a long time to acquire, but you can find four of them — half of the entire collection — before you even leave Limgrave and Calide, the game’s first two regions. Here are the earliest katanas you can get in Elden Ring.

  • Uchigatana.
  • Nagakiba.
  • Lunar Cover.
  • Meteoric Ore Blade.

The fastest way to get this katana is to choose a samurai as your class – that’s where it starts. Otherwise you can find it in the Catacombs of the Touched by Death in Limgrave. Go through the dungeon until you flick the main switch. On your way back, turn left at the first staircase. Along the wall in the far corner is a new passage that has just opened. Follow it to get to the platform above the switch room and search the corpse there for weapons.

Obtaining the Moonveil Katana in the Elden Ring

To obtain the Moonveil Katana, players must meet and defeat the mini-boss Magma Wyrm Makar, which is part of an additional dungeon that can be found in Caelid. Consequently, Tarnished will need to:

  • Make your way to the Gael Tunnel dungeon in Caelid, which will be on the border with Limgrave.
  • Upon reaching the dungeon, the Tarnished must fight many masons and knights before they can eventually reach the boss.
  • After defeating them, they will have to follow a spiral down the tunnel and reach a wooden platform. Then they must climb the stairs to the left, not through the only door in front.
  • Eventually they will reach a set of large wooden doors, which will be the marker for the mini-boss. through it the fight will automatically begin.

Defeating Magma Wyrm Makar in the Elden Ring

Depending on the build the player goes for, Magma Wyrm Makar can be an extremely difficult fight. The stone lizard hits hard and has great health and resistance to various attacks.
It even spews lava, which players should avoid. as it does incredibly high burn damage and can often kill players with a single shot if they are not careful.

Also read the continuing article below How to get the Uchigatana Katana in Elden Ring How to get the Nagakiba Katana in Elden Ring How to get the Great Sword of Moonlight from Ranni in Elden Ring
Although the combat is brutal, the experience is quite rewarding, and for their efforts players will be able to collect the Moonlight Katana along with the Dragon Heart as trophies.

How do I get the Moonvale Katana in Elden Ring?

Key Action Points ⇓

  • To get your hands on the Moonwale katana, you must first travel to the edge of Kaelid, where the infestation zone meets the lush Limgrave.
  • Upon crossing into this zone on the map, you will encounter two of Radan’s guards.
  • These enemies carry large tower shields, and players can either engage them or run past them and up the passageway to the adjacent Gael tunnel.
  • It is important to note that Grace’s spot in this area is on, from which players descend, and the damage from the fall can kill the adventurer if he is not careful.
  • The easiest way to get down to the place of Grace is to destroy the two guards at the entrance to Gael’s tunnel, and then use the small ledges along the walls to slowly descend to the bottom of the mine.
  • You can jump from ledge to ledge without too much trouble, as they are quite large and easy to see, in circular twists going down the shaft.
  • After you gain access to the place of Grace, you can go in and work your way down to the lower chambers.
  • There are quite a few “miners” in the area, which are difficult to destroy with traditional weapons.
  • Players using dexterity and intelligence will find it harder to defeat these enemies with weapons, as light melee attacks will simply bounce off their rugged exterior.
  • Two-handed weapons and heavy blunt weapons do much easier damage. There are also many guards of Radan in the surrounding area with a variety of weapons that can quickly incapacitate the player if they are not careful.

Some hints:

Those who don’t want to fight their way through the hordes can simply run straight ahead, down the ramp and into the next tunnel.
There are stairs in the room behind it, and once at the bottom, players can walk down the hallway and into a large room with two massive wooden doors on the right and a small wooden door just ahead.
It is important NOT to touch the massive doors on the right, as they will automatically trigger a boss fight. Instead, players must go through the small door to unlock the second place of Grace, which is directly behind the boss room.
That’s all there is to know about how to get the Moonvale Katana in Elden Ring.