Lichdragon Fortissax is an optional boss in the game Elden Ring.


A legendary dragon who is Godwin’s former companion and who fought desperately to save him, but he was eventually corrupted by Death. His thunderstorm spreads Death’s Disease, and his twin spearbolts are as dangerous as they look.


Deeproot Depths. Available in the final storyline of Fia, Deathbed Companion.


Passive ability: Red lightning

If an aura of red lightning burns around Fortisax, a character close to the dragon will also receive this effect. After transmitting the red lightning, after about 2-3 seconds a lightning bolt will strike where the character is standing, dealing damage. The conditions under which the dragon gets this effect are unknown.

Deadly Lightning

Dragon roars, causing lightning across the arena in random order. Each lightning strike creates a fog similar to Fia’s fog, filling the Death Scale.

Thunder Spear of the Ancient Dragons

Fortisax rises on his hind legs, releasing a single thunder spear into the ground.

Fortisax Thunder Spear

Fortisax does the same thing as with the regular spear, but pulls out an extra one.


Fortisax strikes up to 3 times with his front paws. After each strike, there is a bundle of lightning along the claw’s trajectory, exploding after a while.

Thunder Glaive

Fortisax soars into the air, creating a thunder spear, then dives down rapidly, spinning out and dealing damage twice over a huge area. The blow is somewhat similar to Lanceaxa’s Glaive spell.


Fortisax takes off, then spews flames downward. The attack deals tremendous damage, guaranteed to kill almost any character.


Phase 1

When entering the arena, run to his back paws and try to stay there to minimize hitting him forward, and be vigilant for any strikes he takes as they create a shockwave that does moderate damage, but can be simply avoided by rolling either to the back of the boss or to the other side of his tail.

Phase 2

About half health Fortisax will roar and start charging a powerful lightning AOE attack followed by a chain combo, just run away from this and let it play out, and follow the same tips as in phase 1 as nothing changes. Bleeding is possible, but requires quite a few hits (about 10 consecutive hits with a bloodhound fang). A shield with high physical/lightning protection is also recommended.