Become a fire mage. A full set of moves, including the new blue lightning ash of war. Now includes an optional blue flame download.

  • Added optional download to change fire to Azula’s iconic blue flame. The fire and explosions after the fire hit the surface are still red, which is how it worked in the show.
  • Added the ability to use in the left hand
  • Added the ability to wield two hands (both two-handed and two-handed weapons now work)
  • Added fire blast during back stabs and counter stabs.
  • Added a couple of missing sounds in animations

New set of moves:

Fire Magic . Light attacks Heavy attacks Tumbling, running, jumping Attacks on top! New Ash of War: Lightning Generation Press L2 to summon lightning, using your body as a guide. Press L2 again to exile the lightning by firing 3 lightning projectiles that explode on contact.


Download Mod Engine 2 and unzip the zip file into a folder.
Download the file place the “chr” folder in the same directory as the extracted Mod Engine 2 files.
Run “launchmod_eldenring.bat” to start the mod.