Maliketh, The Black Blade is the obligatory boss in the game Elden Ring.


Maliketh is the guardian of the Death Rune. The extinguished must unleash its power to burn the Erd Tree.

WARNING: Don’t kill the boss if you haven’t finished your business in Leindell yet, because after winning the Death Rune will be released and the capital will be covered in ashes (all places of grace and almost all enemies will disappear).


Destroying Farum Azula. Is the final boss of the location.


First Phase

  • In the first phase, the boss is a Beast Priest who uses Chinkueda and Beastly Prayers.
  • Uses multiple stabbing/slashing attacks with Chinkueda in a row.
  • Beast Slingshot – After any attack he makes, he releases a handful of stones. Stones fly quickly and in large numbers.
  • Gurranka Stone – Throws a large boulder at you with area damage. Note that the attack preparation animation is identical to that of the beast sling.
  • Beast’s Claw – creates a small glow in his free hand, shoves it under the ground and creates 3 waves, similar to the prayer of the same name.
  • Gurrank’s Claw – shoves his paw into the ground, then quickly pulls it out, creating waves in all directions.
  • Earthquake – The beast raises two arms above itself, then quickly buries them under the ground, creating the first shock wave, and pulls them out, creating a second shock wave and a pile of rocks that fly up and then down from the ground.

Phase Two

  • The second phase comes when the priest loses 50% of his OZ. You then move to the middle of the arena and Maliket himself appears in his true form, arming himself with Maliket’s Black Blade and becoming much more agile.
  • Passive ability: health stealing – each attack of Maliket during this phase reduces your maximum health by -20%. The effect fades after ? seconds.
  • Attacks 1 to 3 times with the black blade.
  • Blast – only used at the end of the above combo. He jumps up and plunges his sword into the ground (note that he’s sitting on it with his whole body), and then jumps up to create an explosion.
  • Black Blade – flies around the arena, periodically spinning around its axis and firing scarlet projectiles, flying either horizontally or vertically. At the end of the combo you can land a circular attack, which you can parry.
  • Blast 2 – used only after flying through the arena. The difference is not only the increased blast distance, but also the fact that the attack can be parried.
  • Roar – Maliket screams, causing no damage but damaging the character’s balance.
  • Intended Death – Most often used in combos with normal strikes. Maliket raises his sword above himself, spins it and plunges it into the ground, creating a storm of blades. If your character’s loadout is <30%, you can try rolling to Maliket’s side to avoid damage. Otherwise just run away.
  • Circle Strike – Rolls 1-2 times with your blade.
  • Maliket can climb columns in the arena to continue some of his combos.


TACTIC #1. Killing in 40 Seconds

You will need:

  • Two curved swords in a combat stance, the best option would be Gross Messers and Shamshires (The second option is only possible with NG+).
  • Physical hardeners at the appropriate stats for you. Ashes of War: Blaze of Redheads on the weapon in your right hand.
  • Standard of the Commander.
  • Emblem with rotting winged sword, Karian filigree crest, Medallion with green amber+2 and last of your choice.
  • Exquisite Meat, Blood Boiling Scent, Invigorating Scent, Spiky Cracked Tear, and Hard Lead Tear
  • 80 base physical stat (Strength or Dexterity, but Strength is preferred), 40 Stamina, 16+ Intelligence and activated Great Rune of Radan

All of the following actions should be done very quickly and before the start of the battle with the boss: Take the Commander’s Standard in the right hand, use the Invigorating Flavor, Exquisite Meat, the Special Technique of the Standard, the Scent of the blood boiling, restore your mana in any way, change the Standard to the Saber with the Flame of the Redheads. Enter the arena and immediately use the Miraculous Potion.

So, the fight begins. As soon as the boss gets close to you, immediately use the Flame of the Redheads, dodge the attack and use a second time. If you hit both times, the boss will lose his stance and you can attack him. If you do it quickly, the boss instantly goes into phase two. Maliket always starts the fight by jumping on the player, so you have to walk a few steps so that you are between the boss’ legs. If you’re in the right place, the boss will make a slow vertical attack, allowing you to use the Flame of Redheads twice and knock his rack off. After that, the boss dies.

You can connect the Blasphemy Claw to this tactic, but it requires even more luck and can only hurt the player.


  • Cooperative mode and summoning creatures with ashes is available on this boss.
  • Vulnerable to attacks that inflict poison, red rot, bleeding, and frostbite.
  • Immune to sleep, insanity and instant death effects.
  • It’s possible to parry Boss, but you can only do that with a special item, the Blasphemy Claw. Only attacks with Maliket’s blade glowing yellow can be parried. It is not recommended to get hung up on parrying this boss, as the timing is very narrow, and waiting for 1-2 certain attacks can be fraught with premature death.
  • Climbing the pillars, there may be a small mishap where Maliket uses them as a flat surface and starts using his attacks there. You can use this moment for a long-range attack (Maliket will get off it later).
  • Vulnerable to frostbite and bleeding.
  • Boss has a unique approach to combining his attacks, almost any of his attacks can go into a combo with another one. For example, he can turn Circle Stroke into Drawn Death. Because of this, predicting the boss attacks is very difficult and the fight is largely tied to luck.
  • Replica when killing a player with the completed condition of the quest Gurranka – “Bow before Maliket Black Blade.
  • was translated with an error in Russian. The correct version is “Bow before Maliket, the Black Blade of Marika”.