Mohg, Lord of Blood is an optional boss in Elden Ring. He is one of the six demigods.


In an effort to unleash Mikella’s full divine potential, Mohg wished to become his soulmate and take on the role of monarch. But no matter how hard he tried to lure the young Unearthly into his bloody bedchamber, the latter showed not the slightest bit of interest.


The River Siofra, the area of the Mogwyn Palace. It can be accessed by completing the storyline of Whiteface Warre or through a portal in the Giant’s Peaks region.


First Phase

  • Blood Flame – All Mog’s flame attacks fill the bleed scale for a while after hitting the player.
  • Close Combat Combo – Mog usually makes two hits with his weapon. Can perform single vertical strikes, lunges and staggered swings.
  • Piercing – Plunges his weapon into the ground, then pulls out after a delay, dealing damage to a small area. In the second phase, yanking the weapon from the ground is accompanied by an explosion.
  • Claws of Blood Flame – Uses the Claws of Blood Flame prayer at close to medium range.
  • Blood Almsgiver – Uses the Prayer of Blood Almsgiver at medium and long range. Can apply a narrowly-directed version of the prayer, hitting much farther and setting the ground on fire in a straight line from the Mog.
  • Small Blood Rite – Movement is similar to the Blood Rite, but instead of a ring it causes a bloody waterfall over the Mog, working for a while.
  • Blood Rite – For every 15% of life lost, Mog applies the power of his spear and places a bloody ring over the player, three times. At a loss of 60%, the boss begins to move into phase two and alternately releases the power contained in the rings, causing the player to bleed profusely and heal himself. If the player fiddles around too long, he applies this skill without even losing the necessary amount of health.

Second Phase

In the second phase Mog gets wings, his attacks become much more powerful and he starts to act much more aggressively.

  • Enhanced melee combo – Almost all of Mog’s attacks are accompanied by an effect similar to Bloodshed. Several new attacks are added, giving the player a boost.
  • Blood Alms in a jump – Mog jumps up and, hovering in the air, applies the Prayer of Blood Alms. Can apply a narrowly-directed version of the prayer, hitting much farther and setting the ground on fire in a straight line from Mog.


General Information

The boss is fairly easy to kill with ashes, which can absorb damage and distract the boss for a long time. The player, on the other hand, can pelt the boss with a Swarm of Flies prayer or attack with an ashes of war with a bloody type of damage.

In the first phase Mog can be shackled. To avoid taking damage from the Ring of Blood spell, it’s recommended to add a cleansing crystal tear to your miracle potion flask.

Alternative Tactics (Bug)

There is a bug (on version 1.3.2) that allows you to kill Mog without damaging yourself at all. To do this, being outside the arena (near the respawn point) you need to apply Mog’s Shackles. Then you have to wait for about 3-5 seconds (standard time for him to cast the spell) and then enter the arena. Mog will stand in his place motionless, After that you can use any magic, weapon skill or bow from the ladder to seriously drain his health. When Mog is left at around 10% hep, the boss “comes to life” and applies all three ring overlaps one after another in sequence. During this time he is also available to attack.

We recommend using the Black Knife’s “Blade of Death” skill for this tactic (because of the decent attack radius and damage), as well as the medallion bundle Godfrey sign, Alexander shard and Karian filigree crest (the first 2 stack with each other, increasing the damage of the blade skill, and the latter will reduce the cost of its use).


  • Cooperative mode and summoning creatures with ashes is available on this boss.
  • Vulnerable to bleed. Has high resistance to poison, red rot, and frostbite.
  • Immune to insanity and instant death.
  • Least vulnerable to fire type damage.
  • Can be knocked off balance and deal a critical hit.
  • Cannot parry the boss.
  • During the first phase you can use Mog’s Shackles to temporarily stun the boss.
  • You can use Purifying Crystalline Tear to counter the Ring of Blood attack. When added to a potion, the potion can be used just as Mog is about to cast this spell, or just before the battle (which is enough time to have an effect). When this happens, the barrier will reduce the damage from all three rings by ~90%, and will not allow the bleed to accumulate, after which the barrier will fall. Furthermore, Mog will continue to cast his spell, allowing him to attack with impunity.
  • When casting Blood Rings, Mog speaks in Latin “tres” (three), “duo” (two), “unus” (one) according to the number of rings remaining before the healing spell is cast and enters phase two. When attacking with a spell, says “nihil” three times – zero.
  • There is a weakened version of the boss – Mog, the Omen. It can be found under Leindell in the Exclusion Dungeon location. It differs in the lack of a second phase.
  • He is Morgott’s twin brother and the son of Marika and Godfrey.