Morgott, The Omen King is the obligatory boss in the game Elden Ring.


Morgott was born an infamous omen, but dedicated his life to protecting the Tree of Erd. He was never loved, nor did he seek reciprocity. He loved, for he desired to love.


Leindell, capital of the kingdom. It is necessary to reach the inner wall of the capital, having climbed on it on the petrified body of a dragon, to pass it almost to the end to the east and to jump on roots of the Tree of Erd, having risen on which to the top, you will get to the room in which the fight will take place.

Battle tactics

First Phase Attacks

Morgott, King of Omen – A greatly enhanced version of Margit’s boss, Horrible Omen, possessing all of his attacks as well as a few new ones:

The Hammer

Reaches for his hammer, and as he prepares to strike with it, strikes diagonally with his sword, and then strikes with his hammer. Can make this attack without hitting with his sword. The hammer can also be used as an additional strike in combinations, striking either diagonally or strictly vertically.

Blade Strikes

Calls upon the blade and makes two strikes in front of it. Sometimes, can create a dagger instead of a blade, making the exact same attack.

Three Daggers

Calls for and throws three daggers at a character.


Makes a dagger strike, bounces back and summons three more daggers, which he throws at the character.

Flick with a kick

Makes a jump towards the character, while doing one horizontal sword strike, then stops.

Circle Air Strike

Makes a cursed sword strike, then summons a blade, striking diagonally with both weapons and flying into the air, continuing to swipe and deal damage. At the end hits the sword and blade on the ground.


Summons a spear, then lunges with it, or throws it at a character. Throwing a spear has a rather long animation.

Rain of Swords

Summons a multitude of soaring swords, and strikes the ground with them. Swords are created in a small area around the boss, and in 4 directions: front, back, right and left of him. Swords created in 4 directions continue to fall for a small amount of time after using the attack.


Leaps towards the character summoning a second dagger, and stabs them into the ground while landing.

Tail Strike

Beats the tail around himself. Used if the character is behind the boss.

Phase Two Attacks

The transition to the second phase is conditioned by Morgott falling to his knees and the appearance of a golden haze, followed by an explosion and geysers appearing around him. At this point the boss takes significantly reduced damage from any sources. Most boss attacks in phase two that make contact with the ground will form the same geysers at the point of impact.

Strikes around himself

Summons a hammer, and starts circling around himself, ending with a hammer strike.


Throws a dagger in the direction of the character.

Blood attack

Enchants his sword to bleed, and strikes twice around himself, leaving explosions along the trajectory of the strike.

Blood Lunge

Enchants his sword and makes a long lunge forward, unleashing a wave of blood. The lunge grabs the character, dealing massive damage and resetting the target’s grip.

Lunge from the air

leaps, creating a spear in his second hand, then strikes the ground hard with both weapons. Lunge with Spear

Summons the spear and makes a long lunge in front of you.

General Information

Boss attacks with physical and holy type damage and applies Bleed effect. In the second phase fire damage is added to his attacks.

Boss’ sword attacks can be parried and blocked, though most of his attacks make you dodge so as not to waste your stamina on the knocked out shield. To open the boss for a critical hit you have to perform 3 parries. The boss is very agile, so it’s best to attack it with a weapon strong enough and fast enough to hit the ops. Many of the boss attacks have a strong delay (similar to Margit), so you need to learn how to dodge them properly.

In the second phase, the boss enchants his weapons, causing them to deal more damage, and he becomes more ferocious and faster. Boss combos can last an incredibly long time, so the need for fast weapons increases manifold. Bosses can fill up their Bleed Scale pretty fast, so you’ll want to get rid of them as fast as possible with a Bleed Pill or a Prayer of Cruel Vitality.

General Information and Advice

  • The boss has low resistance to almost every type of damage in the game, mostly slashing damage.
  • If your weapon is capable of rapidly accumulating any status effect, it’s worth trying to do so the moment the boss goes to phase 2 (however, you have to be careful not to get hit by explosions or geysers).
  • It is advisable to take a shield with a very high stability, as the spamming of blows in the second phase will be too strong, which will not stand most of the usual unreinforced shields. Alternatively, it is worth to carefully dodge all attacks in long combos.
  • During the battle you need to actively move around the arena, because being in one point, there is a good chance to find yourself in a situation where the boss will make a swing and a geyser is going to appear in your dodging path.
  • Any slow weapons are of little use against Morgott because of the very short pauses between attacks.
  • It’s worth taking tanky and strong ashes that can take a lot of damage. Kristoff, Knight of the Ancient Dragons, Lutel the Headless, and others are good for this role.


Melina and the Scum Eater can be summoned to fight the boss. The summoning signs are right in front of the fog gate. Melina is a good aid in battle, and when she dies she leaves a holy tree that passively restores health to the character in the area of effect.
To make combat easier, you can buy the item Shackles of Margit. They are sold by Scrappy. You can use them only twice and only in the first phase.
Boss gets 30% reduced damage from Bleed and Frostbite.
The name probably refers to the nickname of Melkor, the main and very first antagonist of the Legendarium of Middle-earth – “Morgoth”.