This mod redesigns the colossal sword movement set to give the player a smoother, more powerful and exciting way to kill. The mod also includes an additional Quickstep replacement, further upping the ante.

Move Set Notes:


The R1 sequence from a standing position is pretty standard-it’s solid, reliable, and retains the character of the weapon. Thanks to trollaxethrowerr for these animations.
Loaded R2 overloads the sword player’s hand, allowing you to swing that heavy weapon much faster than usual. Thanks to Angel Dasha for this.

Dodge Attack: Apex Tyrant: Strike two strong blows with your bloody blade as you leap into the air and turn toward your target.
Backstep Attack: Bloody Slashes: it’s like a Bloody Slash, but now there are two.
Sprinting R1: Sprinting R1 is the default, but faster.
Sprinting R1: Preemption: a blink attack from Finesse Bloodhound, but faster.

Two-handed weapons:

The R1 sequence from a standing position is replaced by an attack attack that throws opponents upward, followed by a heavy splitting blow, ending with a lion’s claw as the final blow.
Charged R2s remain fairly standard, again, to retain some semblance of the weapon’s character. Trollaxethrower Animation. However, I gave the colossal sword “Great Sword” something special for its two-handed charged R2s: a little juggling or air combo with an insanely fast lion claw designed to hit enemies while they’re still in the air after your first strike. , swing up.
Evasive Attack: Part of the Double Slash of 3 strikes.
Back attack: Eochaid Dancing Blade, but the turn is now available in the middle of the attack.
Sprinting R1: Crimson Moonfall: it works like a form of thundercloud, but has mostly new visual effects and sound. It has i-frames.
Sprinting R2: Omnicide: it works like Wolf’s Assault, but includes the legendary chopping attacks from Destined Death and new visual effects and sound.

Updated Quickstep :

Forward : Nightstep : ultra-fast teleportation/jumping skill with i-frames and no damage.
Back: Death Crawl: Transform into a slow-moving, invulnerable cloud of black mist and get into position to deliver a lethal blow.
Left: Lord of Shadows: Maximum advantage. Teleport invisibly, striking enemies with Destined Death while creating a residual image that looks most disrespectful. Best used as an extension to either of the two abilities just mentioned.
Right: Sanguine Crescent: Like Sweep, but with more balance

TAE changed: a26, a136, a755 Changed Reg.bin parameter
BehaviorParam_PC. Strings 400000100 to 400000150 are used.


Download Mod Engine 2 and unzip the zip file into a folder.
Download the “Omnicide CS” file, place the “regulation.bin” file in the “mod” folder in your ModEngine2 directory, and place the c0000.dcx file in your “chr” folder, which in turn should be in that “mod” folder. If you don’t already have a “chr” folder in your “mod” folder, just create one.