Regal Ancestor Spirit is an optional boss in the game Elden Ring.


The ghost, shining in pale blue light, takes the form of a huge deer. His movements are full of grace and his attacks are ferocious. Able to drain the life out of other ghosts and restore health.

Ancestral spirits are a marvelous phenomenon, over which the Tree of Erd has no power. Life arises both at birth and at death. This law is one for all things.

There is a weakened version of this boss, the Spirit of the Ancestor.


Nocron, Eternal City. Similar to Spirit of the Ancestor, it sits in an isolated arena at the top of the location.

To activate the battle, you must light the lights on the obelisks (see image) and then touch the dead body in the arena. The player will then be transported to the boss in the cave.

The list of altars you need to activate:

  • The first altar by the cliff, just beyond the broken bridge.
  • The second altar is near the brick road.
  • The third altar on the high ground behind the brick road with the singing Ancestor Venerator.
  • The fourth altar near the big rock at the west end of the location, near the cliff.
  • The fifth altar is at the edge of the cliff behind the half-buried ruins. Guarded by several Giant Rats and Ancestor Worshipers.
  • The sixth altar is behind the deer skeleton, in the ruins to the right of the temple.


Ram after jump

The deer jumps, pushes off in mid-air twice more, and collapses on the player, ramming him with its horns.

Soul Drawing

Steals life force from surrounding ghost creatures (including Ashes). The more creatures nearby, the more the boss is healed.


Kicks with his hooves if the player stands behind him.


Emits a high-pitched squeal and bounces three times. Then hits the ground with his two front hooves. Anyone under Spirit will take damage on landing.

Spirit Energy Attack

Slows, then begins to spread clots of spiritual energy to the right side. They deal damage when touched.


Similar to the goats of the Underworld, the spirit starts rolling around the arena. Deals damage when touched.

Spirit energy attack on the run

Runs through the air and spreads clots of spiritual energy.


  • Co-op mode and summoning creatures with ashes is available on this boss.
  • Vulnerable to fire, holy, and chopping damage.
  • Has very high defense against poison, red rot, bleeding, and frostbite.
  • Immune to the effects of sleep, insanity, and instant death.
  • Boss is considered a Legendary Enemy.
  • Boss can be killed before he heals.