Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon is the boss in the game Elden Ring. Head of Raya Lucaria Academy and owner of one of the great runes.


As a young girl, Rennala had a remarkable talent. She managed to enchant an entire academy with her moon magic and later became its rector. Rennala also led the Knights of the Shining Stones, and it was through her that the Karia family gained royal status.

She is the owner of a great rune, but does not belong to the demigods.

The great rune of the Unborn is a gift from her beloved husband Radagon, who left her to become Queen Marika’s second husband and accept the title of King Consort.


Liurnia of the Lakes, location of Raya Lucaria Academy.


Phase One

The queen is initially inactive and is protected by her students. Killing them all is pointless, as new ones will keep coming. You need to attack three times, three singing students (they are surrounded by spheres and throw books), then Rennala will fall and she can be damaged.

Attack with Books

The Singing Apprentices will attack you with books.

Fire Breath

The other apprentices will breathe fire on you if you get close to them.

Falling Chandelier

Some students may drop a chandelier on your head and if you don’t move away in time, it will likely kill you instantly. It’s pretty easy to know that a chandelier is about to fall on you, the wax will start dripping under it and you’ll have about 5 seconds before it falls off. Also, chandeliers don’t recover.


Some of the students can make them float in your direction if you are near them. They can be broken, but they regenerate.

Sphere of Light

After Rennala falls, you will have some time to attack. It will then deal damage to the area and create the sphere again.


Immediately after creating a new protective sphere, Rennala will lift several students into the air and turn them into tombstones, after a large amount of time they will fly inevitably at you, ignoring all obstacles. There is enough time to shoot down Rennala again. If you make it in time, the gravestones will disappear.

Second Phase.

In this phase Rennala uses a staff and fights with various enchantments.

Comet Azura

Immediately after the screen saver starts charging the powerful Comet Azura. To avoid getting hit, just run to the right or left (don’t pay attention to the flow size, the hit box of the attack is smaller than it looks). Also, it will periodically attack with this beam in the main battle.

Destructive Stars

Launches self-directed Lusat stalking meteorites, which stand still for a few seconds and then fly at the player. Also, there is a bounce option.

Staff Throw

Rennala throws his staff like a boomerang at the player if he gets too close. May hit twice.

Spinning staff

Holding his hands in front of him, the staff begins to rapidly rotate forming a kind of shield. If you’re in the vicinity, you will be dealt damage. Reminiscent of Ashes of War: Rotating Weapon.

Large Comet

Creates an enlarged version of the Comet spell and bounces back.

Pile of Crystals

Sweeps his staff in front of him, creating several crystals that fly swiftly at the player a second later.

Splitting Crystals

Creates a crystal sphere that turns into a pile of crystals in a second.

Full Moon

Rennala takes off and turns into a moon. The moon will fly slowly toward the player, and if it touches the ground, it will explode. All you have to do is run to the side.

Summoning Spirits

When you remove about 50% of your health, Rennala will start summoning spirits, creating a shockwave around her. The spirits exist for 5 seconds (clarification required) and then disappear. You can kill them, but it’s better to concentrate on Rennala.

She can summon:

Four lone wolves – They are not much of a threat and can be killed quickly.
Warrior Seeker – His quick attacks have a bleeding effect.
Dragon – Dragon will breathe fire, or soar into the air and land on you.
Troll – Teleports to a random point in the arena and summons a spirit to its place.

Battle tactics

Phase One

In the first phase, Rennala will fly in the center of the library in a baby cradle, holding a baby in an amber “egg”. The main threat will be the pupils. You need to kill three singing apprentices with books (any damage, even from throwing knives or spells, is enough to make the boss vulnerable for a while. The queen herself, as you can easily guess, is well protected from spells, but she is very vulnerable to physical attacks and bleeding. It is best to take quick weapons, the best choice being sabers, such as Chamshire or Gross Messer. Ashes of War can be taken as a Stone Sword, as it increases physical damage. With the right pumping you can kill the boss in one swath of stamina.

Rennala also starts to burn from fire attacks, it literally sets her clothes and herself on fire, which, coupled with her vulnerability to bleed and weak balance, makes her fatally weak to any heavy weapon that bleeds with fire grease, allowing for full combos while she burns and loses balance while bleeding, like Fang of the Seeker would do. That way she can die right after she falls.

Phase two

In the second phase her physical defense will increase, which may cause some problems, but she’ll still take a lot of damage from bleeding. Having Ashes of War: Rebound makes it easy to catch up with a boss that constantly breaks the distance. You should press the boss forever and use ranged attacks. You can make the fight easier by using summoning creatures. Ashes skeleton militia will be most effective, since the boss has nothing to finish them off with.

Using fire grease and bleed on a heavy weapon like the Fang Seeker, with the right consistent use of attacks and skill, she’s constantly losing balance and trying to shake off flames, taking a lot of damage from bleed, may just not have time to do anything dying in the first seconds of combat.

The most dangerous of the summoned creatures is the Troll, as he immediately attacks the character when he appears.

The summoning of this spirit is easy to anticipate because of the special animation: after the staff hit, Rennala bends his arms at the elbows and starts spinning in the air. If you see this animation, it is recommended to do some rolls to the side or put up a shield.


  • Cooperative mode and summoning creatures with ashes is available on this boss.
  • Vulnerable to bleed, frostbite, poison, and red rot.
  • Despite her resistance to fire, fire attacks set her on fire for a second (probably because of her puffy robes, and the cloth burns well).
  • Invulnerable to the effects of sleep and madness.
  • After defeating her, she can be reborn by changing her appearance, characteristics and name. You need a grub tear to be reborn.
  • The boss can break when playing in co-op. In this case, in the first phase there will be no sphere on the boss and singing apprentices with books, which will lead to the inability to go to the second phase.
  • If she kills you in phase two, she will set the staff aside and stand either respecting you as an opponent or showing her greatness.
  • Disciples fall off balconies similar to Cradlebells, which may indicate that they are indeed reborn.

Interesting Facts

  • The combat mechanics of the first phase are reminiscent of the “Deacons of the Deep” boss battle from Dark Souls 3.
  • The battlefield is very similar to the battle with “Rom, the Idle Spider,” the boss of another FromSoftware game: Bloodborne. Notably, both bosses use the same attack tactics: summoning allies and magical projectiles.