Elden Beast in Elden Ring is a much more difficult opponent. Do not use faith-based damage against it, as it is very resistant. To defeat the Elden Beast, you need to create as many advantages for yourself as possible. Here are a few ways to do that.

Elden Beast Survival Tips:

Elden Ring: Elden Beast

– Endow yourself with as much holy resistance as possible His magical attacks will be much, much weaker if your resistance to Faith is high. Increase it with talismans and magic spells.

– Lords Divine Fortification: A spell that greatly increases holy damage denial. Reward from Gideon Ofnir in the Round Table Hold after reaching Haligtree.

– Divine Fortification: Inferior spell that increases holy damage. Useful if you cannot cast the spell above. Find this spell in the yellow moss ruins west of the Tombsward ruins on the Wailing Peninsula. Kill the dung beetle in the ruins to get the spell.

– Haligdrake Talisman: Talisman that greatly increases the denial of holy damage.

Found at the very beginning of the game. Go down to the secluded beach south of the Wanderer’s Graveyard and enter the cave to retrieve the talisman. Read more about where to find Haligdrake’s Talisman here.

The boss has a series of powerful attacks that are extremely frustrating to dodge. Ring”-10-!””-11-!” is one of the scariest – remember that you can”-10-!” jump out of it”-11-!” when it appears. Wait for him to finish his big attacks, run when he unleashes a barrage of holy missiles, and strike 2-3 times when he stops moving. Quickly defeating Radagon and having a Mimic Tear with full health helps a lot in this phase.

The best bet is to deny damage against the saints and enter the battle with as many healing flask charges as possible. This is an endurance battle. You’ll have to wait until he stops using powerful magical attacks, and then rush into the fight and take some hits. If your Mimic Tear dies, that’s okay – the fight goes the same with or without summoning, even if summoning helps.

The only way to deal more damage is to attack the glowing slash on Elden Beasts’ chest. I don’t usually recommend a shoulder attack. It is better to attack from the flanks or from behind. It’s much safer and easier to dodge any incoming attack. If you are feeling brave, you can attack the chest.

The Elden Beast, which is the final hurdle you must overcome to become an Elden Lord and watch the credits roll.

Of course, the ending you get depends on many factors, including the choices you make and the quests you complete.

Maybe you just get through it by following the path indicated in each place of grace, or maybe you enter the battle after more than 100 hours of exploring, leveling up, and killing optional bosses.

Either way, the last two bosses are Radagon of the Golden Order and the Beast of Elden.

This means that if your health has dropped to the point where one hit will kill you, you won’t be able to regain it. Save some flasks to be able to maneuver when it comes to health in the final battle.


Laindell, capital of Ashes. The player is transported to the boss arena after defeating Radagon of the Golden Order.

How to Defeat the Beast of Elden

Elden Ring: Elden Beast

This fight is very different from the battle with Radagon.

First of all, you need to remember the following points: The Elden Beast is resistant to Sacred Damage, but vulnerable to Scarlet Rot, so this should be kept in mind. Using spells is not the best strategy in this fight, so it’s better to get close and deal melee damage.

As before, Mimic Tear Spirit Ash is very strong in this fight, so we recommend using it by leveling up to max level. For those who don’t know, Mimic Tear Spirit Ash summons another version of yourself, with your attributes and abilities.

It’s a really useful tool for distracting the boss, and it’s probably your best choice as a summon in the final battle.

When you enter combat, you’ll soon realize that the Elden Beast is one of the toughest enemies you’ve ever encountered.

It has huge sprawling attacks, uses magical projectiles, and has very high mobility, so it is not easy to pin down and attack.

The beast can also breathe fire, so if he does, you will have to dodge. Dodge in time or you risk being burned to the ground. It can also send a purple mist in your direction, which seems harmless at first, but then explodes, so run away as soon as it appears.

When the beast spins, it will create another purple haze, and it too will explode. Again, run away.

It’s best to attack in between swings of his sword. You’ll be able to dodge his attacks, and then you’ll have a chance to land some blows. You should be able to make a full attack before you retreat, so try to do so.

The Elden Beast can also fly into the air – we told you it was cool – and creates two golden rings. They do a lot of damage, as the first one traps you and the second one explodes. Dodge the first and run away from the second, otherwise you risk huge damage.

The beast can also summon a sphere that will follow you and shoot projectiles at you. They have magical power, but they are also easy to avoid, mostly by sprinting one way or the other. The orb lasts a few seconds, so don’t try to attack during this time.

In general, the essence of combat is to avoid big attacks, dodge sword strikes and give the beast a combo or two. Do this enough times and you will defeat him.

It’s also worth mentioning that there is no second phase in this battle like some of the other boss battles in Elden Ring, so you’ll only need one strategy.

After you defeat the Elden Beast, the stage will begin, and depending on your choices throughout the game, you will get the ending you deserve and become the Elden Lord.

It lacks coherence, the battle with Radogon would have been a perfect ending to the ER, there’s epically appropriate music and the boss muset interesting, but Miyazaki decided to cram this crap into the second phase, which kills the whole fight, maybe somewhere there are people who think that it’s funny in the middle of a fight to change one boss for another, and at fuck that go fight the first, but I’m not one of their number.

No matter how much I thought the fight with Friede and Ariandel from the DLC to DS 3 was bad, but there the boss during the phase change is not flying somewhere in the sky, literally starting to shit on your head with magic shit while you can not do anything to him, and pour it on you from 100 meters, and then suddenly change location to the opposite side of the arena. The whole point of Elden Beast is that you don’t waste any hits on Radagone, and then you spend a good 5 minutes navigating the arena from one corner to the other, which I find depressing.


Elden Ring: Elden Beast

Phase 1 (Golden Order Radagon)

– Spear of Lightning. Boss throws a large glowing spear at the player, which after hitting something explodes after a while.

– Lightning Daggers. Boss throws five small lightning daggers in front of him.

– Grasp. Boss materializes his missing arm with light, picks it up and grabs the player, pinning him to the ground and then strikes the player several times with his hammer.

– Jerk Kick. rushes toward the player with the hammer outstretched and makes a quick strike.

– Ground Punch. Boss leaps into the air, hovering for a moment, and then lunges at the player.

– Stomp. The boss kicks the ground and launches a shockwave toward the player, which explodes again after a short period of time.

– Triple Gold Strike. Boss flies up in the air and charges the hammer with gold light, then does a whack with a huge shockwave, then does a 2 punch, with the trace from 1 attack also exploding, and does a 3, last punch that also undermines the last 2 traces, and leaves an imprint of Elden’s ring on the ground.

Phase 2 (Elden’s Beast)

Elden Ring: Elden Beast

– Paw Punch. The boss makes a paw strike on the ground near himself. A small shockwave emanates from the strike.

– Underwater Attack. Boss swims underneath the arena, surfacing after a while and making 1-4 sword strikes.

– Elden’s Strike. Boss swings his sword 2 times and thrusts it, creating a shockwave.

– Boss’ hand begins to glow and he swings it in an arc with a trace behind his hand that explodes over time.

– Magic Grip. The boss fills his hand with magic and then tries to grab the player. If the player gets caught, a large number of spikes will be launched at the player, causing massive damage.

– Golden Flame. Unleashes a golden flame that spreads over a large area in front of, or underneath itself

– Series of 4 strikes.Retreats a short distance and makes 1-4 sword strikes.

– Elden Blast. Boss flies into the air and creates a ring in the sky and another on the ground that closes before exploding.

– In-flight Blow. The boss flies into the air and sets his sword on fire, then flies at the player.

– Falling Beast. The boss leans back, after which it falls with its entire mass onto the player

– Earth Explosion. The boss sets his sword on fire and strikes the ground, creating an explosion. After a short period of time, he draws his sword, during which a second explosion occurs

– Holy Spears. Boss fires multiple spears from his wings, which chase the player before crashing into the ground.

– Circle Strike. Boss makes a strike while spinning with his sword

– Wave of Gold. Boss charges his sword with sanctity and spends a swinging strike with a blast wave that flies at the player