Radagon of the Golden Order, he seems to me to be much simpler than the same Godfrey, but to me he is the best final boss of the whole Souls Borne series. More precisely – he is part of the best final boss in Elden Ring, but about the second stage later. Yes, that’s a strong statement, but I’ll explain myself.

– First – it’s purely subjective, keep that in mind.

– Second – Radagon, while not the hardest boss, he feels like something more than us the player. And he works it out on every level. Let’s run through the past games.

Look – that same Gwyn was incredibly cool with its atmosphere, the music, the story, who was immersed in the sadness of the king’s life. But the fight itself was mediocre. The area in front of the arena was very interesting, but the arena itself was pretty boring and didn’t stand out.

Then there was Dark Souls 2 with Nashandra or Aldea. Well here even those who like Dark Souls 2 will tell you that these two are about nothing, although I like Aldia for her voice actor.

Next up is Dark Souls 3. I’m sorry, but that was really boring. Yes, the idea that it’s everyone who’s lit the fire before in theory sounds cool, and the fact that he sort of turns into Gwyn at the end is also good, but otherwise it’s just a passable boss. Only his arena and music are incredibly beautiful.

And the artwork – the artwork with this boss is just wow.

Then there was Sekiro. And that’s where things got complicated for me. The thing is, I don’t like Sekiro. Yes, yes, the best bosses, the best combat, the most hardcore hardcore, but I was maximally bored with it and that’s not the point now, anyway

– Issin is unrealistically cool. The arena is very beautiful and very cool that at first the player notices the storm in the distance, and then it gets closer and in the third phase the grandfather himself turns into a storm. The music is good, but more of a background than a standalone.

The voice actor is also on point, as he says “Well done, Sekiro” at the end – right to the heart. But this is all on the back of the fact that the game didn’t get me. That’s why Radagon in Elden Ring and Beast of Elden is my choice.

Radagon of the Golden Order

Elden Ring Radagon of the Golden Order

First, about Radagon himself. The thing that got me personally hooked is the way everything plays into his image of God. He doesn’t talk, he doesn’t do anything pathos for pathos’s sake, he doesn’t get into fighting super poses, he doesn’t show any emotion in even his movements. And that’s what got me in the fight with him – his movements. How could you animate someone so that he looks human but moves so aloof.

He doesn’t tell you to your face that you’re beneath him, as Godrick proved in a rage. He doesn’t even think about such a thing, so much so that it’s as if he’s above the player. He’s so transfixed in his knowledge as if he only sees the player as an obstacle. No more, no less.

Even in the tackle, when he powerfully taps the player twice with his hammer, using the floor like an anvil-even in such blows there is no sense of malice or rivalry. And it’s all conveyed through simple walking animations, attacks, and his skills, which are just as emotionless, simple, and effective.

Think of the other casters in the game – they all spread their arms, shout something, take threatening poses.

Radagon of the Golden Order in Elden Ring is a god. The complex broken monster uses a hammer as his weapon. Yes, that hammer is the one that, in the story, smashed Elden’s Ring.

How to defeat the boss Radagon of the Golden Order in Elden Ring?

Radagon Golden Order in Elden Ring

Radagon in Elden Ring has several sneaky attacks in his arsenal. He spends the first attack and then swings his hammer several times in an attempt to get you. Be sure to move away from the direction of the powerful swing of the hammer to avoid damage.

In another attack he will smash the floor with his weapon, and a nearby area will damage you if you find yourself in the AoE area. Be sure to get out of the affected area to avoid taking damage.

As soon as he starts to lose health, he will use a barrage attack, in which he will repeatedly smash the floor several times. Make sure that you stay mobile and get out of the affected areas, otherwise you will be caught and take a lot of damage. For a more in-depth look at the boss attacks and how to get out from under the blows, study the video above (timestamp 8:30)

Once all of his health is depleted, a cutscene will play, after which Elden Beast will appear.

This will be the last stage before the opportunity to fix the ring!

The fractured body of King Consort Radagon, fused with Marika and wielding the hammer that broke the Ring of Elden

It is said that long ago the Great Will sent a golden star bearing a beast to the Intermediate Lands that would later become the Ring of Elden.

  • Boss of the god class.
  • Has 2 phases, moving to the second phase after killing the first
  • Immune to all applied effects

Radagon’s Attacks


Phase 1 (Radagon of the Golden Order)

  • Spear of Lightning. Boss throws a large glowing spear at the player, which after hitting something explodes after a while.
  • Lightning Daggers. Boss throws five small lightning daggers in front of him.
  • Grasp. Boss materializes his missing arm with light, picks it up and grabs the player, pinning him to the ground and then strikes the player several times with his hammer.
  • Jerk Kick. rushes to the player with the hammer outstretched and makes a quick strike.
  • Ground Punch. The boss jumps into the air, hovering for a moment, and then lunges at the player.
  • Stomp. The boss kicks the ground and launches a shockwave toward the player, which explodes again after a short period of time.
  • Triple Gold Strike. Boss flies up in the air and charges the hammer with gold light, then does a whack with a huge shockwave, then does a 2 punch, with the trace from 1 attack also exploding, and does a 3, last punch that also undermines the last 2 traces, and leaves an imprint of Elden’s ring on the ground.

Phase 2 (Elden Beast)

More about Elden Beast – Read More

  • Paw Punch. The boss makes a paw strike on the ground near himself. A small shockwave emanates from the strike.
  • Underwater Attack. Boss swims underneath the arena, surfacing after a while and making 1-4 sword strikes.
  • Elden’s Strike. Boss swings his sword 2 times and thrusts it, creating a shock wave.
  • Boss’ hand begins to glow and he swings it in an arc with a trace behind his hand that explodes over time.
  • Magic Grip. The boss fills his hand with magic and then tries to grab the player. If the player gets caught, a large number of spikes will be launched at the player, causing massive damage.
  • Golden Flame. Unleashes a golden flame that spreads over a large area in front of, or underneath itself
  • Series of 4 strikes.Retreats a short distance and makes 1-4 sword strikes.
  • Elden Blast. Boss flies into the air and creates a ring in the sky and another on the ground that closes before exploding.
  • In-flight Blow. The boss flies into the air and sets his sword on fire, then flies at the player.
  • Falling Beast. The boss leans back, after which it falls with its entire mass onto the player
  • Earth Explosion. The boss sets his sword on fire and strikes the ground, creating an explosion. After a short period of time, he draws his sword, during which a second explosion occurs
  • Holy Spears. Boss fires multiple spears from his wings, which chase the player before crashing into the ground.
  • Circle Strike. Boss makes a strike while spinning with his sword
  • Wave of Gold. Boss charges his sword with sanctity and spends a swinging strike with a blast wave that flies at the player.