The game harry potter and the half blood prince is very different from the previous parts of the harry potter series, in this game you don’t have spell challenges to do as you know all the spells already, this game includes a lot of dueling and potion making. The graphics of this game is also great, and the game is brilliant, but it requires a video card and high PC requirements in order to be played, it is available in xbox360 and ps3 too.

This game is easy to play and is not much challenging as it’s other parts were, because all the help needed is given to us within the game.

In quiditch harry flies by himself and you just have to control him a little bit, and when you need to get somewhere in Hogwarts you can summon nearly headless nick and he can lead you the way.

This game is totally based on the movie and have more new and advanced spells like reparo, levicorpus, protego, etc. Playing this game is like watching the movie and the most interesting and adventurous part is the search of horcrux, the game is action packed and thrilling but not hard to play. The control keys are W, A, S, D, enter, and the mouse clicks. In this game you have to spy on malfoy as well as solve the mystery of the horcruxes. It is a fun and easy to play although not much challenging.