Everyone who plays Minecraft is aware of the third dimension of the Edge, a kind of dark island floating in the void. Edge is inhabited by the wanderers of the void Endermen and their boss Ender Dragon. To get to the Ender World can be through a portal, but to do this you have to find a fortress, find and activate the Ender portal, or build your own, for this you need to know how to make a portal to the Ender World and teleport to the dimension of the dragon.

Activating the portal to the Edge

Activation of the portal to the Edge is painfully simple, after placing all the ender’s eyes on the blocks of the portal frame to the Void, the ender portal activates and flickers like a starry night sky, which teleports to the Enderworld. In order to avoid being immediately “sucked” into the Edge when the portal is activated, stand on the opposite side of the frame before placing the last eye and only then place the activating eye.

Unfortunately, in survival mode it is difficult to get a portal frame to the Edge, because the block does not have a recipe and you can only take it in creative mode or install a mod that adds a simple recipe for crafting a frame for the portal to the Edge of the Void.

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In Minecraft, you have the ability to travel to other dimensions. You have to make portals in order to travel to a location. Portals are assembled from certain components and blocks. This guide is suitable for both PCs and phones (PE).

How to Make a Portal to the Ender World in Minecraft

The Edge, or Enderworld, is a multitude of islands made up of Edge stone.

In the Edge live a dragon, Shalkers and wanderers. Here you will also find special wings with which you can fly. They are called Elitras. The Edge is a dimension in which you will definitely be interested. To get there you need to find or make a portal to move.

For creative mode

To build an Ender portal, or portal to an edge in creative mode, use 12 blocks named – Ender’s Eye and 12 edge portal frames. Stack the frames so that the dark squares are at the top. To do this, stand in the center of the future portal and start laying out a square of 3 blocks per side. After that, place the Ochi Edge on each frame in turn. To do this, simply take the eye in your hand and pointing it at the frame, right-click on the mouse. When everything is set, a dark square will appear in the center of our portal. This is the window to the Edge. Just jump into it.

For the survival mode

Pick up the discarded eyes and follow the direction. The portal is guarded by scales, which appear from the spawner. Just break it down. To activate the portal, add Ender’s eyes to the empty frames.

  • 1 What is an Enderworld?
  • 2 Why do I need it and what does it do?
  • 3 How to make and activate a portal to the Edge?
  • 4 How to create an Ender’s Eye?
  • 5 How to find an existing portal in Minecraft?
  • 6 How to exit a portal?
  • 7 How do I get a portal to Enderworld in creative mode?
  • 8 Portal Secrets and Tips

What is an Enderworld?

“Ender World”, “Edge” or “End” are all the same name for one dimension (a unique biome), which, in fact, is a world consisting of a huge number of islands. At the same time, this world itself consists entirely of a material called “Edge Stones”.

After a character moves into this world, he will instantly find himself on the main (aka “central) island, which will be surrounded by other, but not large islands. The distance between the main island and the other islands can be about 1000 blocks. And there is absolutely nothing between them – just a void.

However, “The Edge” has some similarities to “The Underworld. For example, there is the same dim lighting, and there is no cycle of day and night. Of the enemies here, you can come across wanderers, dragons, and shalkers. Wanderers will roam all over the islands. The dragon inhabits only the main island, but the salkers wander into the cities. Finally, it’s worth noting that in “The Edge” many of the usual mechanics work completely differently:

  • The character cannot sleep here, and if he or she tries, there will be an instant explosion and fire. The power of the explosion in this world will be 25% stronger than if you blow up “THT”;
  • The lava in the “Edge” territory will spread much faster than it would happen in “Hell” (“Lower World”), but not further than 3 blocks (in this respect the mechanics is the same as in the normal world);
  • In the “Edge” compass and clock will not work. They will never show the point of rebirth and the time. Instead, they will rotate aimlessly until the character leaves the world of the ender;
  • From the “Edge” it is impossible to activate the portal that leads to the “Underworld”. Although it’s possible to build one if you use a console or third-party software;
  • In “The Edge” the bedrock will burn, but the fire will never spread further;

What is it for and what does it do?

“The Edge” serves as the official final Minecraft walkthrough – it is the final goal, where you must kill the boss. This enemy is the huge and dangerous “Dragon of the Edge”. The list of what you can get in “The Edge” is as follows:

  • First of all, of course, the credits will begin. Initially they will resemble a philosophical monologue, and then the usual credits will begin, which tell you that the character, you can say, finished passing the sandbox;
  • In addition, after the first kill of the “Dragon of the Edge” a huge amount of experience spheres fall out. And in such an amount that a character without experience can easily rise to level 68;
  • In addition, for killing, transition and other details related to the world of “Edge”, you can get unique achievements;
  • And the last and most valuable reward is the “Dragon’s Egg”. It is a block that appears at the top of the portal after the Dragon of the Edge is killed. Its main advantage is that if you click on it with the LCM or the PCM, then the character is teleported a short distance. In addition, it is worth noting that this block cannot be destroyed with a pickaxe. There are no other uses for the egg, and you can’t get it from the spawner.

Finally, it should be noted that killing the Dragon of the Edge again will not give you the opportunity to get another egg or a huge amount of experience. Although the Poem of the Edge appears at the end, hinting at the ending, you can continue playing Minecraft without any problems.

How do I make and activate a portal to the Edge?

  • To do this you need to collect 12 pcs.
  • Then you need to build a “ring” shape from the blocks called “Portal Frames” (or “Edge Chests”) with the size of 3 by 3;
  • After that you need to use collected “Eyes of the Edge” to activate the portal by placing these 12 items on the frames;
  • If you do everything correctly, then this portal will activate, and inside the circle 9 blocks will be created that are connected to the portal – through them you need to pass to be in the “Edge”.
  • The first way. In the first case, the “Eye of the Edge” can be purchased from residents in the village. However, note that they are not always available. So you may have to go around quite a few villages in search of such a merchant.
  • The second way. In the second case, the “Eye of the Edge” can be created with “Fire Powder” and “Pearls of the Edge” on the workbench. The first material is obtained by crafting a fire rod, which in turn can be obtained only from the killed ifrit. But the second can either be found in the various chests that are in the fortresses, where the chance of their appearance is 23.4%, or again with the help of trade (sell village “Priests” for 4-7 pieces of emeralds, or Piglins about 8 pieces for 1 gold bar).

How do I find an existing portal in Minecraft?

It should be noted at once that it is possible to find an existing portal in the game of Minecraft only in the “Survival” mode. To do this, it is necessary to find a special fortress built for this purpose, inside which there is a built portal to the “Edge”. And in order to implement it you must:

  • First of all, it is imperative to have several items called “Eye of the Edge”;
  • Once you have them, throw one item straight into the air and move in the direction where the eye leads;
  • At a certain point, the eye will begin to fall under the ground. And this will mean that you need to start digging down until the fortress is found;
  • Keep in mind that the fortress is a dangerous place. The first thing you will probably stumble upon the underground tunnel, where there will be the library, different corridors and bars of iron;
  • Although the matter is small, because the fortress is not so big, so now the main thing is to carefully examine the fortress and to find the room, where the portal to the “Edge” is.

How do I get out of the portal?

This will be more difficult than finding the entrance. Because you have to kill the Dragon of the Edge or die on purpose to show up at the rebirth point. And if suicide is clear, then killing is not. The point is that after the boss is killed, on the central island there will be a table with an indestructible pad that acts as a portal to the normal world. And in this way it will be possible to return to your home.

How do I get a portal to the Enderworld in creative mode?

In “Creation” mode there is no need to search for a fortress, ingredients to create an eye and in general to do such complicated things. It is enough to take all the necessary materials (“Eye of the Edge” and “Chests of the Edge”), and then build a 3×3 portal on the ground. And at the end activate all the chests with the eyes.

Secrets and tips on the portal

  • It is not possible to enter the portal “Edge” with the help of a wagon – such game mechanics is simply not provided. So after trying, if the character gets off the wagon, only then he will start teleporting.
  • The portal to the “Edge” cannot be deactivated in the same way as the portal to the “Underworld”. In this case it is necessary to use a bucket of water, which should be placed in the portal block.
  • Portal blocks cannot be destroyed in “Survival” mode, but you can easily do it in “Creative” mode.
  • There is a chance that a portal to “Edge” will be generated somewhere underwater, but it happens very rarely, because the chance is small.
  • A common mistake among beginners who try to build a portal to “The Edge” is that they set the framework incorrectly.
  • Curiously, if you set a rebirth point in “Hell” by using a rebirth anchor, then jumping into a portal that is in “Edge”, you can find yourself right in “Underworld”.
  • “Eye of the Edge” has a probability that allows you to find a dungeon with a portal to the “Edge”. And if the formula is to be believed, most often the portal can be spotted if the character has only one “Eye of the Edge”.
  • While searching for the portal, when you manage to find the fortress, you can also find a vault inside, inside which there are wooden chests with valuable items.

The main thing before you decide to go to the Edge is to prepare your character well for the battle. The only way to get out of this world is to kill the “Dragon of the Edge”. And for that you will need good equipment, enchanted weapons and a huge amount of arrows. You can’t just go to the “Edge” and come back, like you can in the “Lower World”.

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