Melina is a character in the game Elden Ring


Melina appears during the Rest of the Extinguished at the Place of Grace, shortly after his arrival in Interspace. She asks to be allowed to travel with the player, as well as to take her to the Erd Tree.

In return, she promises to help by giving her the opportunity to level up. She also gives away a bone whistle with which Faded can summon the Flood.

There are several points near which you can first encounter the character. The cut-scene will start at any of them, after reaching at least three places of grace:

  • “Ruins at the Gate”.
  • “Elle’s Temple.”
  • “North shore of the lake.”
  • “South Shore of the Lake.”
  • “Marika’s Third Temple.”
  • “Coastal Ruins.”
  • “Shack on Wuthering Heights.”
  • “Sacrificial Bridge.”

Melina reappears at the place of grace “Wuthering Heights Main Gate” (available after killing boss Margit, Horrible Omen) or when resting in the Lakeland and Starry Wasteland regions. Here she apologizes for not trusting her and offers to take the player to the Round Table Fortress.


Melina acts as the Guardian of Fire from Dark Souls and Dark Souls 3, as well as the Emerald Herald from Dark Souls 2, allowing you to level up the player.
It disconnects from the protagonist by gaining the Fierce Flame and going for the “Lord of the Fierce Flame” ending, but gameplay-wise no changes follow.

You can summon to fight the boss Morgott, King of Omen.
In the Shrine of the Little Tree location, Erd teaches the Outer Serenity gesture.
Based on the dialogues, Melina is Marika’s daughter. In the game files it is also recorded as “Daughter of Marika” – Marika’s daughter.

How to find Melina and complete the quest

In Elden Ring you will find many characters, most of them will have quests that span several locations. On this page you will find a guide on where to find Melina and how to complete her quest in Elden Ring.

How to find Melina in Limgrave

Melina appears while resting at the Sites of Lost Grace. You can either find three separate Sites of Lost Grace or rest at the same one three times to trigger an encounter with Melina. I rested at the following Sites of Lost Grace: First Step, the Temple of Elle, and the Sites of Lost Grace at the Gate, which is just north of the Temple of Elle.

When you first speak to Melina, she will ask to become your Maiden and travel with you. You may decline her offer, but it is better to accept. If you rejected her request at first, but have since decided you want to change your mind, you can talk to Melina and change your mind whenever you rest at Sites of Lost Grace.

Fortress of the Round Table

The next time Melina welcomes you to the Sites of Lost Grace, she will take you to the Round Table Fortress, which is a central world that can only be accessed through the Sites of Lost Grace.

Leyndell, Royal Capital

As soon as you first gain access to Leyndell, the capital of the kingdom, and use the first place of grace, the Bastion of the Capital, Melina will reappear. This time she informs you that your pact is complete and that she is leaving, though she will still grant you the use of the Flux and allow you to transform runes into power.

As you progress through the area, you will eventually reach the Queen’s Chambers and the area boss just behind her. Look closely, however, and you’ll notice a summoning sign that allows you to summon Melina for help in the upcoming battle. This is the only battle for which you can summon her in the game. After your victory, use the place of grace here and Melina will reappear to make a new deal, handing over Rold’s medallion in the process.

Forge of Giants

After you fulfill Melina’s request and make it to the Forge of the Giants, you will find a place of grace at the back, rest on it, and Melina will appear one last time. She will ask if you are willing to commit a mortal sin, give her your blessing, and Melina will burn the Erd Tree and send you to the Broken Farum Azul, activating the last main area of the game.

Accept or decline the Melina Elden Ring choice

Accept or decline the Melina Elden Ring choice is one of the most important choices in the game. In fact, it’s the difference between a normal playthrough and an absolute nightmare for the most dedicated speedrunners. That’s why we’ve put together this guide, in which we’ll show you what happens in each case. In addition, we’ll explain how you can undo your choice if you refuse by accident.

Accept Melina’s Choice Ring

If you choose to accept Melina in her Elden Ring selection and don’t refuse, you will unlock the ability to level up. Like, say, in Bloodborne, you really have to work hard before you get a gentle woman to help you level up. Yes, that’s the person you give runes to in exchange for levels. So, that’s pretty important, but maybe just as important, Melina gives you the Ghost Rider Whistle. Without it, you cannot summon your horse, Torrent. Your noble steed is much faster than you, wastes no stamina in running, and can do a double jump. So yes; it is in your best interest to take Melina immediately.

Elden Ring refuses to choose Melina

If you refuse Melina’s choice in Elden Ring instead of accepting it, you won’t be able to level up and won’t get a horse. Needless to say, this will make the game infinitely more difficult. Now I know that there will be speedrunners who will do “No Melina”. works about a month after launch. However, I don’t recommend saying “no” to it in your first playthrough. However, if you happen to say no to her, don’t worry; you’ll have the opportunity to talk to Melina at any place of grace where you rest. By the way, you’ll first meet this NPC at a campfire called Gatefront, near the entrance to Stormgate. It’s northeast of Limgrave, past Ellech Church, through the woods north of the ruins at the gate.