Minecraft is a popular game product, which, according to various estimates, has gained the largest number of sales around the world. The game attracts a rich functionality, available opportunities for potential players. Among the attractive features of playing and there is such a chip as a personal server Minecraft. Setting up your own server for the game in Minecraft requires time. The result is worth it, for example, to play in the company of friends. However, how to make a server in Minecraft and set up for Mac, Windows, Linux? Let’s try to figure it out.


  1. Why create your own server in Minecraft?
  2. Step-by-step organization of a Minecraft server
  3. Setting up port forwarding
    1. How to set up a Minecraft server on Windows?
    2. How to set up a personal Minecraft server on Mac?
    3. How to set up a personal Minecraft server on Linux?
  4. How to connect to a private Minecraft server
  5. Running Minecraft on a VDS or dedicated server
    1. Creating a Minecraft server on a VDS with Ubuntu 18.04
  6. How to create an internal Minecraft server in Realms
  7. How to create a Minecraft server on a dedicated hosting for free
  8. Minecraft: How to create a server? Videos

Why create your own server in Minecraft?

By creating your own server in Minecraft, the user gets almost unlimited control over the gameplay. In it, you can create your own rules, set any mods or filters, invite your friends in private and so on. It is not as difficult and expensive as it might seem at first glance. But that’s not all the advantages, there are a few more:

  • Flexible configurations.
  • Own library of materials, which you can replenish at your discretion.
  • The choice of any convenient way to create and maintain the server.
  • The ability to make money from renting. This option is the most common because it allows you to recoup all the costs associated with the support of the game server.
  • Ability to create a private server only for friends.

Step-by-step organization of the Minecraft server

To cope with the task, first of all, you need to get acquainted with the basic components of the organization of the node:

  1. Software under the server Minecraft.
  2. A powerful desktop computer (laptop).
  3. A cable connection to the Internet.
  4. Web hosting.

The configuration of the available personal computer is determined by the permissibility of installing a personal server Minecraft. Meanwhile, it is recommended to use the service of remote hosting, as a more effective option for the organization of the game node.

Again, the official representative of Minecraft offers a number of hosting services for free. At the very least, it is always possible to pick up a host at moderate rates.

Warning! Personal hosting is fraught with attacks on your computer. Using the hosting of an external provider eliminates such risks.

Setting up port forwarding

If you plan to play directly in the company of friends over a local network, the information below can be skipped.

In the case of organizing the server Minecraft via the Internet, to provide access to the node will have to activate port forwarding on the router.

An example of one of the many options for configuring port forwarding on a particular router. For each case, refer to the documentation of the equipment

Since each router has a unique performance, you should refer to the guide on configuring the device, in particular on how to configure port forwarding.

Usually this is done as follows:

  • you log in to the router’s settings page,
  • open the port forwarding section,
  • enter the IP address of the computer in the corresponding field,
  • Specify UDP and TCP ports under Minecraft in the appropriate fields.

Incoming ports that need to be redirected in the case of Minecraft are as follows:

TCP: 19132, 25565

UDP: 19132, 25565

You may need to specify the protocol to handle the ports. After entering all of the information, be sure to reboot the router.

How to create a Minecraft server on Windows?

Initially, it is recommended to download and update the Java version to the latest release. Then you directly download the software for Minecraft server (file with the extension “*.jar”).

Then creates an empty folder in any convenient location on your computer, named arbitrarily (for example, “server-minecraft”). The previously downloaded file “*.jar” is redirected to this folder and run the standard way.

The first launch of the server Minecraft is often accompanied by error messages and automatic disconnection of the node. These messages are allowed to ignore. The first startup generates configuration files in the previously created folder.

There – in the folder, you should find a text file with the name “eula” and open this file with the classic text editor “Notepad” or similar. The contents should be edited, in particular – change the line “eula = false” to “eula = true“.

The first attempt to start is often accompanied by a failure message. This is a purely technical situation, which can be corrected by some manipulations

This edition prevents the automatic shutdown of the Minecraft server. With this configuration, running as an administrator is performed without errors.

You should re-run the file “*.jar” for execution (necessarily from the administrator) and wait until the message “Done” appears on the screen.

Stop the node with the command “stop” in the server window and confirm with “Enter”.

Technically, the owner is free to start his own host directly. However, it is more convenient to do this by configuring the default settings, followed by the creation of a startup file if you plan to play with other users.

It is enough to create a new startup file “run.bat” through “Notepad”, and in the file field add the line “java -Xmx3G -Xms1G -jar server.jar“. After this operation, the Minecraft server will run through the “run.bat” file in the folder or by a shortcut on the desktop.

This is the final stage of the process. It remains to invite other Minecraft players by providing a public IP address or a local IP address, depending on the nature of the network.

Verify access to a personal Minecraft server is allowed by entering the IP address in Minecraft Server Status Checker. Access to the host is only possible with a pre-configured port forwarding.

The public IP address can be determined through various services found by Google or other ways.

How do I set up a personal Minecraft server on a MacOS?

Setting up a Minecraft server on a Mac traditionally starts with making sure your system is macOS version 10.8 or newer. Updating the operating system is available through Apple Support.

The procedure for downloading the distribution kit of the server of Minecraft for the operating system MAC. After this process, simple settings and the long-awaited launch

The Apple menu opens “System Preferences”, where you need to find the Java logo. Clicking on the logo launches the Java Control Panel.

Here you need to go to the “Update” tab and activate the “Update Now” option. Go through the OS update procedure.

Next, as in the previous server installation, Minecraft software is loaded, an arbitrary folder is created and an empty text file, where you enter the line:


cd “$(dirname “$0″)”

exec java -Xms1G -Xmx1G -jar {server file name} nogui

where: server file name is the name of the loaded Minecraft server file.

The edited file is saved in the folder containing the server file “.jar” under the name “start.command”. Next, you open the Mac terminal, navigate to “Applications-Utilities” and start “Terminal”.

The terminal window line is filled with the command “chmod a + x” followed by a space. With the input key the command is started for execution.

The file “start.command” is dragged to the next window with the mouse. Once again, the “Enter” is activated. After this operation, the Minecraft server will start through the “start.command” in the usual way.

Testing the Minecraft server is done similarly to the Windows version.

How to set up a personal Minecraft server on Linux?

Any Linux distribution allows organizing a Minecraft server. Let’s look at the technological steps to create a Minecraft server under Ubuntu 16.04. The configuration is done through the command terminal.

It is recommended to use an external hosting service under the game node device on Linux.

Connection to the hosting via SSH terminal command: “ssh username@ipaddress“, where username – user name, ipadress – IP address on the hosting.

The autostart screen of the server program on a computer system running the Linux operating system. The Linux command terminal allows you to perform advanced Minecraft server settings

The next step is to install Java using terminal commands:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install default-jdk

If prompted to confirm installation, confirm. Activate the screen to ensure that the node works when there is no network connection, with the command:

sudo apt-get install screen

Create a directory for the personal server files and open with the commands:

mkdir minecraft

cd minecraft

Install wget


sudo apt-get install wget

Download the Minecraft server distribution with the wget command:

wget -O minecraft_server.jar https://s3.amazonaws.com/Minecraft.Download/versions/1.12.2/minecraft_server.1.12.2.jar

You should check the version of the distribution for updates.

Next, you need to confirm the end-user license agreement, run the screen and then the game node sequence of commands:

echo “eula=true” > eula.txt

screen -S “Minecraft server 1”

java -Xmx512M -Xms512M -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui

The test is done in the way described above.

How to connect to a private Minecraft server

When using a private Minecraft server, the program window must remain active to allow access. Open and log in to your personal Minecraft account.

Select “Multiplayer” from the menu and then “Add Server” in the lower right corner of the screen. Give the game node a name. Specify the IP address of the hosting in the “Server address” line.

Keep in mind that for a private Minecraft server, enter a private IP address, which is different from the public IP address. At the bottom of the window to activate the “Done”.

Potential players will only have to choose a host name at the top of the screen and activate the “Join the server” option. If the router is configured correctly, the connection is successful.

You may have to disable the computer’s firewall to remove the blocker for connecting to the game node locally. However, it is worth remembering that this action will make your computer vulnerable to hacker attacks.

Running Minecraft on a VDS or dedicated server

Make a server Minecraft can be through hosting. This will require a server with sufficiently powerful hardware. In this case, you will need to download a server version of Minecraft and remotely install it on the rented equipment.

In Timeweb hosting you can buy a ready-made dedicated server or choose your own configuration. True, this option is not the cheapest. If you have a limited budget, you can connect VDS server. This is a great option for novice gamers.

From the disadvantages – this is not the easiest way, it requires a certain knowledge and skills in administration. At work, there may be some difficulties and nuances, it is also quite possible the emergence of problems in the process of launching and configuring the server.

But the result is definitely worth it – the user will be able to implement on this server any opportunity to play, use any templates, mods and security software. This server is available around the clock and does not depend on whether your computer is on or off. Such a server can be used to play with friends or sell.

Creating a Minecraft server on a VDS with Ubuntu 18.04

To create a server Minecraft to play with a friend you will need to install Ubuntu 18.04 distribution on the server and enable SSH support. Timeweb hosting can choose a rate with optimal parameters and prices. If you find that these features are not enough, you can choose a plan with better performance.

The first thing to do after preparing the server is to install Java. We recommend version 8 of the OpenJDK for Java, in particular the headless JRE. This is the minimum version that does not have GUI support in the application. That is why it is excellent for running Java applications on a server. To download and install it, enter the following command:

sudo apt install openjdk-8-jre-headless

You will also need to download the Screen application (its purpose was mentioned above), for this the following request is given:

sudo apt install screen

Once all the necessary software is installed, you will need to activate the firewall to allow traffic to the Minecraft server. The game uses port 25565 by default. To enforce this rule, run the following command:

sudo ufw allow 25565

Finally it’s time to download and install the Minecraft server. To do this, use the utility wget. Open the developer’s website to download the server, copy the download link and paste it after the utility. It looks like this:

wget https://launcher.mojang.com/v1/objects/c5f6fb23c3876461d46ec380421e42b289789530/server.jar

Once the download is finished, you need to accept the license agreement through a file. To do this, open the file eula.txt with a nano text editor. Then find parameter eula=false and change it to true. Now you can run the jar file. Open screen and give us the following command:

java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.1.16.2.jar nogui

It will take a few seconds to do the initialization. Then you will get some results, like this:

Server thread/INFO: Done (32s)! For help, type “help”

This means that the server connection is finished.

How to create an internal Minecraft server in Realms

Minecraft is a very large game with a huge user base. Naturally, the developers of the game Mojang AB together with Microsoft created a ready-made solution for creating a server – Realms. At the moment it is available as a monthly subscription Realms Plus and costs 7.99 USD. In addition there is a bunch of texture packs, skins and mashups, cloud storage, fifty worlds of Minecraft, as well as the simultaneous connection to the server up to 10 players.

Pros: Since this is an offer from the official developers, the user does not have to worry about protection, constantly update the software or create backups. All these concerns are taken care of by the developers.

Disadvantages of this server, too, have. Use a server Realms can only owners of the licensed version of the game. Install a variety of plug-ins and mods on this server can not.

In addition, mobile devices, consoles and Windows 10 have their own version of Minecraft. On Mac and Linux you will have to install Minecraft: Java Edition with a different version of the code. The two versions are not compatible with each other, are developed separately and have different functionality. Only the price is the same, but if you use both versions, you will have to overpay twice as much.

How to create a Minecraft server on a dedicated hosting for free

In addition to the official developers, server services in the game Minecraft offer other companies. Some of them provide services for free. In return, the user will just have to look through annoying advertising banners. An example of such a company that provides free servers is Aternos.

One clear advantage over the previous server – adding modifications and plugins at the discretion of the user. There is also the possibility of connecting from unofficial versions of the game.

Among the disadvantages are the complexity of setting up such a server. You have to manually set various parameters, mods and plugins connect too independently by the player. Companies may introduce additional services that have to pay. Stability in the work of such servers, too, do not often meet, it all depends on hosting.

It was this server, Aternos, is also unstable speed. Also, you have to constantly wait for your turn, because wanting to take advantage of free server a lot. Advertising in the process will pop up “at every step”.

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