Types and their features

Six basic types of horses of different colors and sizes are available in the game. They are born randomly with one of their colors, their running speed, and their jumping power (1 to 5 blocks high). Taming a horse does not change its color (like ocelots), but allows players to put saddles and special horse armor on them. The 6 basic types are described below:

Regular Horse

They all look the same, but can have different colors: white, mace, dark pony, bay, black, apple gray, and yellow-brown. Can have no markings on the coat, can be fiery red, white like the Appaloosa breed, spotted and dark.

Console command to get an adult stallion:

/summon EntityHorse ~ ~ ~ {Type:0}


Once you’ve tamed it, you can hang a chest on the donkey (it won’t be possible to remove it, it will be attached until the animal dies). Pick up the chest and right click on the donkey. This will mount the chest and give you 15 additional inventory slots.

The donkey cannot be equipped with armor. Use the console to call it like this:

/summon EntityHorse ~ ~ ~ {Type:1}


Mules can not be found in the game world and can not be bred, they can only be obtained by crossing ordinary horses and donkeys.

A mule can be obtained as follows:

/summon EntityHorse ~ ~ ~ {Type:2}

Zombie Horse

This species only spawns the night before All Saints’ Day, Halloween. Before, at any other time, it was nearly impossible to see them in the normal game – they were only available to developers and map makers.

They say that with the release of Minecraft 1.10, the player can summon these zombies with a summoning egg. I tried it and it didn’t work, only donkeys sometimes show up.

If your version of the game below 1.10, then use the console command (works in versions 1.7.2 and above):

/summon EntityHorse ~ ~ ~ {Type:3}

Skeleton Horse

Like zombies, the skeleton is absent in the regular game, and only appears on Halloween. You can summon EntityHorse with the command:

/summon EntityHorse ~ ~1 ~ {Type:4}

Trap Horse

It appears in Meincraft 1.9 and higher during thunderstorms, and from the outside looks like a normal horse or colt. Exactly until the player gets 10 blocks or closer to it. At this point it will be struck by lightning, thunder will sound and it will turn into a skeleton rider, and three more riders like it will appear next to it:

The chance of such a trap appearing depends on the difficulty level you play at:

  • At easy level: 4-8%;
  • Normal: 8-20%;
  • difficulty level: 11-35%.
  • As soon as the riders appear, they immediately attack the player. Dead riders move pretty fast, shoot at the player with a bow and actively avoid close combat. This is not surprising, because if you kill the rider, the skeleton horse can be tamed and saddled like a normal horse!

Console command for summoning riders:

/summon EntityHorse ~ ~1 ~ {SkeletonTrap:1b}

How to tame a horse in Minecraft

Only adult normal horses, donkeys and mules can be tamed. Foals, skeletons (with the exception of the rider’s horse) and zombies cannot be tamed. When a horse is tame, it can be saddled, ridden and equipped with armor, and crossed for breeding.

Taming a horse is not too difficult and doesn’t take much time. In most cases it can be done with a few attempts.

  • Spawn: Plains, Savannah, Village.
  • Necessary items to tame: none.
  • How to tame: without holding any items, press PKM on the horse. It will knock you down until it gets used to you. You will need a saddle to control the horse.
  • Breeding ability: Yes.
  • What you need to breed: a golden apple or golden carrot.
  • Drop on kill: Skin (0-2).

Choose a horse you like

Since they are constantly moving around, it may make sense to bring the right one to your home. You don’t have to tame her to lead a horse on a leash. However, it is necessary to ride and cross.

Once you find a stallion you like, you can tie him to a post with a leash or build a fence to keep him from running away. It is not necessary to do this, but it will come in handy for some players.

Saddle the horse

To tame a wild horse, walk over and right-click to jump on it. She’ll walk around for a couple of seconds before jumping up and throwing the player off of her. Keep landing on her until she stops dropping you and you see red hearts as a sign of successful taming. You may be dropped more than once until it succeeds.

If you still can’t tame the horse, you can try feeding it foods like sugar, apples, and bread. These types of foods will increase the likelihood of domestication and the growth rate of the foals.

Below is a table of the effects of food on foals and their effects:

Food Treatment Growth rate Acceleration of domestication
Sugar 1 heart 30 seconds 3%
Wheat 2 hearts 1 minute 3%
Apple 3 hearts 1 minute 3%
Golden carrot 4 hearts 1 minute 5%
Bread 7 hearts 3 minutes 3%
Golden apple 10 hearts 4 minutes 10%
Haystack 20 hearts 3 minutes 13%

Saddle installation

Once you have tamed the horse, you can saddle it. Without a saddle, the stallion cannot be ridden. The same saddles are used as for pigs. They can be found in dungeons, you cannot create them yourself.

Horses have their own inventory menu, just like the player. Sitting on horseback, move the saddle from your inventory to the upper left slot.

Put horse armor on a horse

In addition to the saddle, horses can get special armor for protection and preparation for battles. Like the saddle, the armor cannot be created by yourself, it can be found in dungeons, chests of the Hell Fortress, deserted temples and abandoned mines.

To put the armor on, open the inventory of the horse and put the armor in the right slot. Horse armor has infinite durability and is available in three types – iron, gold and diamond.

How to breed horses in Minecraft

Once you have tamed two horses, you can start breeding new ones. Breeding them can give a greater variety in their appearance. Breeding also potentially gives you the opportunity to get specimens with more health, speed, and jumping ability. If your existing specimens don’t have the best of these parameters, try breeding new ones until you create the perfect horse.

As with other animals in Minecraft, you’ll need the food they love to start breeding. You can feed them two types of food to activate their “love mode” more quickly: golden apples or golden carrots.

Each horse only needs one apple or carrot to activate breeding mode. Other food will not make them breed.

The color and patterns of the foal depend on the parents. As in reality, mules cannot be bred to produce new mules; the only way to produce them is to crossbreed a common horse and a donkey.

Once born, in about 20 minutes the foal turns into an adult. Until then, it cannot be tamed or saddled. The growth process can be accelerated by their favorite foods (shown in the table above). Foals are more clumsy than adult horses, with longer legs and a thinner body.

Accidentally hitting a horse or foal does not make them aggressive, and tame individuals remain tame. But the injury removes some of their health.

How to ride a horse in Minecraft

Once on a tame and saddled horse, you can control its movements with the W, A, S, D keys. They run fast, but some are faster than others. To make her jump, you have to charge the jump scale by holding down the space bar. As we said above, the jumping ability varies from species to species.

Sitting on top, you can use any item, open chests, go through doors, use crafting tables, etc. You can fight with a sword or bow, you can even place blocks.

You can sit on a tame horse indefinitely. However, you should not ride it close to the water, they do not like it and will throw the player off if you dive more than two blocks.

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