Embark on the Lighthouse Map for Minecraft PE: Test Your Survival Skills on a Unique Island with Limited Resources!

What does the Lighthouse Map bring to MCPE?

Designed for those eager to challenge their survival abilities in the untamed Minecraft PE environment, this map offers a compact island featuring a distinctive lighthouse to explore.

The map’s limited area is packed with intriguing details, and to aid navigation, the developer has placed informative signs at key locations.


While the island might initially appear resource-scarce, a closer examination of the lighthouse reveals chests on each floor, providing essential supplies.

Moreover, the map includes various achievements, such as crafting an iron golem using the available ingredients.


The lighthouse interior spans two floors and features two staircases. With essentials for survival, including a bed, furniture, and six chests containing unique items, the interior boasts captivating details. Among the chests, one stands out from the rest. Decorative blocks and paintings adorn the walls, adding visual interest.

A few secrets await discovery, such as a hidden button to access the upper floor.

Other Details

The Lighthouse Map also features a portal, transporting Minecraft PE players to another locale. Alongside the main island, there is a smaller one to explore. A dock with boats allows players to travel between the two islands.

The developer utilized the ESBE 2G Shader, lending a realistic touch to the map’s overall appearance.