Discover the USA in Minecraft PE with the USA Map

USA Map for Minecraft PE

Have you ever dreamed of visiting the USA? Minecraft PE users can now experience the United States through downloadable maps featuring real states and cities.

State of Democracy

The State of Democracy map for Minecraft PE is among the largest and most detailed locations available for the game.

It is evident that the developer drew inspiration from the USA when creating this location.

The map features two cities, Democratia and Hollywoodenplank, and numerous creations scattered throughout the world.

The State of Democracy map for Minecraft PE includes everything you’d expect from a major city – libraries, hospitals, universities, suburbs, and more. It’s an intriguing site to explore.


Many Minecraft PE players may not have visited the United States and might be unfamiliar with a state like Iowa. Situated in the Midwest, it is known as the “Heart of America.”

The developer of the Iowa map created realistic cities from the state for Minecraft PE. It took over a year of dedicated work to complete the project.

Three cities were created as a result of this effort, their names reflecting real cities in Iowa. While the buildings and structures are mostly fictional, the Golden Eagle building is based on an actual structure.

One area for improvement is the texture pack, but players can choose and download any textures they prefer.


The United States of America map presents the entire North American territory in Minecraft PE, with biomes resembling their real-life counterparts in the USA.

You can use this map for cooperative survival gameplay with friends.