Step into the exhilarating world of wrestling with the WWE Map Mod for Minecraft PE. Engage your friends in spectacular battles, explore various settings, and enjoy a unique multiplayer experience tailored to wrestling enthusiasts.

What does the WWE Map Mod bring to Minecraft PE?

Wrestling fans will rejoice with this custom-made map, designed to emulate real-world wrestling arenas. The creators of the WWE Map Mod have considered all essential aspects of these venues and crafted their very own battleground for thrilling, rule-free fights. Popular in the USA, Minecraft PE players can now use this stage for their own wrestling matches, making it an excellent choice for multiplayer games with designated fighters and spectators.


Inspired by WWE, an American wrestling entertainment company, the map developers have created a platform for spectacular events in Minecraft PE. The arena is a large, enclosed space built to resemble authentic wrestling battlegrounds and comprises several distinct zones.

The developer also plans to introduce additional wrestling-themed maps in the future.


The focal point of the WWE Map Mod is the central arena, where Minecraft PE players can engage in combat to determine the strongest among them.

A stage is situated in one corner of the room, providing space for various player events. Numerous spectator seats surround the ring, ensuring everyone has a great view of the action.


The WWE Map Mod not only features the main hall but also includes an additional room. Once inside, Minecraft PE players will discover a wall adorned with several buttons. These buttons allow users to activate various sounds and experiment with settings to customize their gaming experience. The arena boasts realistic design, excellent lighting, and an abundance of details.

For those who prefer to watch the action unfold rather than participate, the developer has thoughtfully included dedicated spectator seating. This enables users to enjoy the thrill of the wrestling arena from the comfort of their virtual seats.