Do you want to make the gameplay even more exciting? A unique addition will definitely help! You should download the Achievement mod for Minecraft PE for free to add new tasks to the game, performing which you can achieve something unique.

Achievement mod for Minecraft PE

Achievement mod for Minecraft PE

Download Achievement mod for Minecraft PE to be able to play with a lot of different improvements. The gameplay will become much more diverse thanks to the interesting update.

Key features of Achievement addon in MCPE

achievement addon mcpe

For a long time, there were no achievements at all in the block world of Minecraft PE. This feature was exclusive to the Java version of the game.

Stone Pickaxe achievement addon minecraft pe

However, this has now changed, as some enthusiastic creators have decided to add an achievement system (Achievement mod) to MCPE.

achievement addon minecraft pocket edition

Newer versions of MCPE already have them, but this addon certainly won’t be superfluous. It turns out that there are many unique accomplishments.


Achievement mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

First of all, the player should see and understand what he has to do. To do this, the “A” button on the right side of the screen should be pressed.

Users will have to deal with dozens of intriguing quests. Thus, there will always be something to do in the game.

achievement addon minecraft pe

Sometimes this extensive sandbox survival can be a little confusing. That’s when achievements come to the rescue.


Achievement mod for MCPE

The user will find their completed goals in the upper right hand corner. It looks just like the Java version of the game.

Achievements in the cubic world have a hierarchy. For example, first you should cut down some trees to get firewood.

achievement mod for minecraft pe mediafıre

After that, you can make a workbench, and then – a wooden pickaxe.

Usually the player follows the main line. But sometimes you can go off the beaten path and entertain yourself with something exciting.

Main and side quests

achievement mod for minecraft pe 1.19

As a rule, you have to make a stone pickaxe and melt some iron in the furnace. Then there are some diamonds to be mined.

Once the portal to the Underworld is built, you should kill Blaze and create Ender’s Eye. Use it in the game world to find the fortress and then kill the dragon.

This is the main story according to the achievements. Behind the scenes, however, there is always more to see.

For example, users may be interested in farming and baking cakes. In addition, there is an upgrade for shooting a skeleton from a distance of 50 blocks.

Overall, the game is funnier and more entertaining with this addition.

Java Achievement

achievement mod for minecraft pe 1.18

It is known that there is also a Java Edition in addition to Meinkraft Bedrock Edition. This version of the game runs only on PC, and here the achievements are different from the Bedrock Edition.

Now you can get them thanks to an update that adds them to the game. Moreover, with the Java Achievements mod for MCPE, when you get an achievement, a small window will appear with information about it.

MCPE versions on which you can install the Achievement mod

achievements mod for minecraft pocket edition 1.19

All experienced users of Minecraft PE are well aware that any update to the game should be installed on those versions of MCPE that are compatible with it. This ensures the normal operation of the modification, in which you can get problem-free access to all its features. So for the addon Achievement Mod such versions are 0.14.0 – 1.19.51, and for Java Achievements – 1.16.0 – 1.19.51.

Installation details of Achievement mod in MCPE

achievements mod for minecraft pocket edition 1.18

Key feature of the Achievement mod installation process, which adds to MCPE the system of achievements, typical for Java version, is the necessity to strictly follow the recommendations given below. First you need to download the archive, which should be unpacked afterwards. After that, you should install the texture pack and the script. The last step is to restart the Block Launcher, and then you can play.

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