Carry items in the block world can be even easier thanks to a unique update. It is worth a free download Backpack mod for MCPE, which is suitable for versions 0.14.0 – 1.19.51, to get a collection of backpacks. More information below.

Backpack mod for Minecraft PE

Backpack mod for Minecraft PE

Download Backpack mod for Minecraft PE to be able to take tons of loot with you on your long adventures. Travelling in the block world has never been so exciting, because the player can carry absolutely everything he needs.

Backpack mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

What are the special features of the update?

Backpack mod for Minecraft PE index

Users tend to have some trouble traveling long distances. Discovering new dungeons or settlements, or underground mining takes up a lot of space in the game inventory.

That’s why backpack modifications were invented. Players will finally have some storage space for various items.

traveler's backpack mod minecraft pe 1.19

Now you no longer have to worry about the lack of space in your pockets.

Backpack Addon.

Backpack mod for MCPE

This addon is one of the most innovative and comprehensive. The authors claim that the bags can perform many different functions that are not even imaginable.

backpack mod minecraft pe 1.19 android

First of all, the player can store anything from chicken eggs to earth blocks. There are no limitations when it comes to storing items. In addition, you can upgrade the appearance of the backpack at any time.

backpack mod minecraft pe 1.18 android

There are three volume options:

  • small;
  • medium;
  • large.

The most wonderful aspect of the addition is the ability of backpacks to contain any liquid. For example, you can take a bucket of water or lava and look at the bag.

backpack mod for minecraft pocket edition 2

After that, you should press the “remove water/lava” button. So, it’s not just a backpack, but also a barrel at the same time.

Another interesting feature of this addition is how the security system works. Normally, anyone would be able to open the player’s bag. But if you wear a special strap, no one will do that.

Mod for numerous backpacks

Backpack mod MCPE

There is another addon that works almost the same as the previous one, but is slightly different. The previous addon added living backpacks – they were real creatures in the game.

This time, the bags are essentials. They can be made using leather and any paint. Once prepared, you should open it and put everything you need in it.

backpack mod minecraft pe 1.18

It has enough space to move items over long distances as you travel around the block world.

What versions of MCPE are recommended to install the Backpack mod?

travel backpack mod for minecraft pe

Developers of any updates do not in vain give recommendations on which versions of Minecraft PE they should be installed, because they will work correctly only on these versions. If you do not follow the recommendations, then access to the content of the mod will be closed, and the player will not be able to take advantage of all its benefits. If we talk about the mod Backpack for MCPE, both of his addons are compatible with versions 0.14.0 – 1.19.51.

How to install Backpack mod in Minecraft PE?backpack mod for minecraft pe 1.19

Install the Backpack mod update in Minecraft PE, in order to expand the possibilities for storing things during long journeys through the block world, you can yourself. To do this, you should follow the following steps:

  • Downloading the update in mcaddon format.
  • Launching the downloaded file.
  • Waiting for the full completion of the installation.
  • Opening Minecraft PE.
  • Creating a new world.
  • Going to the settings, where in the Add-on Sets section you need to activate the mod, and in the Resource Sets section – turn on the desired texture pack.
  • Restarting the game.

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