Download Happy Family mod for Minecraft PE and get yourself a girlfriend or boyfriend and even children.

Happy Family mod for Minecraft PE

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Minecraft PE is a game about fighting monsters, crafting clever gadgets and mining valuable resources.

However, it has always lacked love and family. Some romantic enthusiasts decided to put an end to that by adding girls and boyfriends to the game space.

Family mod for Minecraft PE

This means that the player can finally be engaged and taken care of by someone he missed so much in the game. No longer will he have to miss being alone in a block MCPE world.

Where can you find a girlfriend?

happy family mod minecraft pe 1.19

Love is a random feeling in the real world. But in the cubic universe, it’s pretty fluid and predictable.

The love of your life always lives among the villagers.It turns out that this modification replaces the old villagers, making them smarter and more realistic.

For example, they now have schedules, and the player can create families with them.

Happy Family mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

In addition, they take care of each other, and, thankfully, can also court the player if they join in marriage. It’s pretty easy to schedule a wedding in a cubic world.

Happy Family addon for Minecraft PE

These “smart” villagers aren’t smart enough to choose whether or not they want to bond with a character. Luckily for users, this means they can bond with any of them and start a family.

Family mod for Minecraft PE

All players have to do with the girlfriend mod is to craft an engagement ring, which is technically just a diamond. Now you can find your perfect wife and give her everything of value.

Where to find a guy?

happy family mod minecraft pe

Fortunately for ladies and non-traditional sexual orientations, there is also a boyfriend mod. Literally everyone in the village has turned into an adorable guy to marry.

The conditions are still the same – craft a ring, and he’s yours.By the way, both girls and boyfriends can carry the player on their shoulders.

how to download happy family mod for minecraft pocket edition

Moving quickly is another advantage of a strong partnership or healthy family in the game. However, your companions are invincible and will follow their lover around the block world at all times.

family mod mcpe

Users can even give them things to keep in their large pockets. So, matrimony is probably the best thing that has ever happened to you in the game space.

Versions of Minecraft PE on which the Happy Family mod is installed

Happy Family mod for MCPE

The Minecraft PE player will be able to get a reliable companion in the block world as soon as he installs the Family mod. It is worth remembering that this installation is made in accordance with certain rules, among which is the compatibility of the addon and the version of MCPE. So, both the addon on the guy and the addon on the girl should be installed on versions 0.14.0 – 1.19.51.

How to install Family mod in Minecraft PE?

Happy Family addon for Minecraft PE

The main feature of the installation process is its simplicity. This makes it possible to access the content of the modification by almost all users, who will be able to install it without any problems. To this end, you first need to download the installation file, and then open the MCPE and install it.

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