Minecraft Update

Minecraft - Deep Dark Biom Added

The creators from Mojang Studios have done a great job of fixing the bugs that were present in the game before and improving the gaming experience for both advanced players and those users who are just starting to play. For example, one of the major improvements in Minecraft PE that will surely stir up users’ interest is the addition of a new copper horn. Furthermore, Mojang Studios’ creators have made positive changes to goat horns, fixed minor gameplay flaws, and improved its general Java settings to make users’ experience even smoother.

Deep Dark Biom

Copper Horn

The newly added item has much in common with a goat horn that has been in the game for a while, and can even be considered an upgraded version of it. In order to use it, players must first ensure that the Experimental Gameplay option for Minecraft PE is enabled in the settings.

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The item is fairly easy to create as it does not require many ingredients. All that gamers need to craft it is to put a goat horn in the center of a crafting grid and then place 3 pieces of copper ingots around it, and everything’s done.

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Copper horns serve mainly for entertainment purposes and are used to play melodies that can be heard from afar. One horn can generate 3 distinct sounds. The new item significantly changes the perception of some gameplay elements and expands the possibilities for players.

Goat Horn

Minecraft - Axe Combat Parity

This item also did not remain unchanged: the Mojang Studios’ programmers have made improvements to it. The list of key adjustments includes the addition of new unique melodies in Minecraft PE There are several variations of horns in the cubic world, some of which can be obtained from screaming goats. It is these items that received a special sound in the update. To obtain them, gamers need to make goats crash into specific blocks. Among them, for example, ice, different types of ores, wooden logs, stone, and some other hard blocks.

Java Equality

Chest Boats Added in Minecraft PE

The developers regularly update the gameplay, trying to perfect the cubic world even further and make it an even more enjoyable place for users to spend time. They always go above and beyond to ensure that the quality of the game is on par with its Java editions.

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The development team behind Minecraft PE does not advise mixing the new version with the older ones, as it can lead to incorrect world generation and, as a result, cause critical errors.

Minecraft Pocket Edition - gameplay changes

Speaking of notable updates, it is worth mentioning that now the camera has much smoother movements when the character takes damage. Additionally, the list of items that cannot be placed in the furnace has been reduced.

Some Other Changes

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In addition to introducing new features, the developers have corrected some errors to provide users with the best experience possible. The crucial ones are as follows:

  • The hunger indicator now has its limit;
  • Issues with the Bad Omen effect are fixed;
  • The joystick parameters are now adjustable. Users can change them whenever they want in the settings menu;
  • The game menu is now correctly displayed in Minecraft PE;
  • There is now an option to get a Behavior Pack when starting a new

Please don’t forget to save all of your current worlds and feel free to try out the latest update.