Minecraft Additions


The development team from Mojang Studios continues to delight gamers with new updates. The creators not only took into account and removed various errors from previous versions of the game but also made several significant adjustments to make it even more enjoyable for users. For instance, in the latest Minecraft PE update called Caves and Cliffs: Part II, gamers have an opportunity to carry their belongings on a boat. Besides, the artificial intelligence of several mobs has been upgraded, which has significantly changed how they behave.

Updated Mechanics

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The team behind Minecraft PE devoted a lot of effort into fixing various errors and glitches from previous versions to make the game work at its best. For example, breaking a layer of snow on a flower will no longer harm the plant.

Another change concerns lava source blocks. They can now be converted into obsidian during world generation.

Last but not least: this version has fixed the bug that made healed characters resistant to damage.

Deep Dark

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The vast game world will become even more exciting to explore with a new region called Deep Dark. This is the creepiest and gloomiest area in Minecraft PE, located in the lowermost regions of the open world. Like any other biome, it has its unique items and is waiting for brave adventurers to find its useful resources and other crafting materials. One of the resources that can be found in this location is blocks of Sculk.

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There are several types of these blocks, some of which you should be careful with. For example, Sculk Shriekers can easily get you into trouble. If you see them nearby, it is best to go as quietly as possible because they are very sensitive to sounds. When they get triggered by a player, they summon the dangerous Warden. However, it is possible for users to remain undetected by covering acoustic blocks with wool or waterlogging them.

Another thing Shriekers are capable of is causing the darkness effect, which significantly reduces the area’s sight and makes it more difficult for players to navigate.

Boats with Chests

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Another addition that Minecraft PE creators have introduced to the game is boats with chests. The new item allows gamers to easily transport their belongings by water. This is a great update that a lot of experienced players have been looking forward to.

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The usage of the item is very simple and similar to that of a standard boat and chest. Crafting it won’t cause any problems either, as it has one of the easiest crafting recipes in the game. Players only need to craft a boat and a chest separately, then put them together, and everything is done.

New Mob

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In addition to everything listed above, Minecraft PE features a new mob called Allay. It is a friendly fairy-like creature that assists users in collecting different items. It likes to dance, so players can bring a musical block to use the mob’s trait to their advantage and get along with it. The Allay will collect items as long as the music is playing.

It is worth noting that the mob is no longer vulnerable to player damage like it used to be. This means no more friendly fire.

Some other mobs have also undergone changes. For example, baby Hoglins are no longer passive to users and can attack them.