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Mojang Studios’ creators have once more delighted loyal players with fresh additions to their favorite game world. The advent of camels that can be used for traveling, new useful building blocks, and bookshelves where gamers may store their belongings are just a few of the gameplay additions in Minecraft PE

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The dressing room deserves a special mention as it has also undergone significant alterations. To be more precise, in addition to Steve and Alex, the game now has seven more default skins. This means that players can now choose from nine skins in total, which should make it easier for them to express themselves.

New Blocks

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The developers introduced new bamboo blocks that gamers can use to construct buildings and create various elements for their houses. The blocks have their unique crafting recipes. This resource will be especially useful for those people who like to travel around the Minecraft PE’s vast world and are eager to explore every corner of it. The reason for this is that bamboo allows adventurers to create a special type of boat, namely a raft. If desired, they can even craft a raft with a chest on it that will be incredibly useful when traveling.

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Additionally, some blocks in this version have been specifically designed by the developers to resemble those in the Java Edition of the game. Particular attention in this regard was paid to doors made of wood and iron.



In the expansive world of Minecraft PE, users can now meet new inhabitants, camels. The developers have expanded the capabilities of these creatures. For example, camels can now sit down on the desert floor and spend several seconds in this position, waiting for a rider. This animation can happen randomly at any time.

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These animals are exclusive to the desert biomes, meaning players can only encounter them wandering around desert villages and areas nearby.

A camel is a tall creature with long legs, which gives the player sitting on it an advantage over various enemies. They simply won’t be able to damage Steve.

New Items

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Among the unique novelties that have been introduced to users, there is a new storage block, a chiseled bookshelf. Crafting this item in Minecraft PE is quite simple. The first thing it requires is 6 planks, which must be made from the same wood. The other ingredient is 3 pieces of wooden slabs. The item is not just a home decoration. It is a useful piece of furniture suitable for storing different types of books and some other items. The shelves are quite roomy, each of them can hold up to six books at once.

Players can try using a redstone comparator to figure out which of the books was last placed or removed from the shelf. This opens up a new opportunity for them to create a secret doorway and set up a hidden library in their residence.

In addition to this, the update’s creators encourage players to use the newly added hanging signs to display their texts. They are in many ways similar to ordinary signs. What distinguishes them is that they can be placed on the bottom of a block or on its side.

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Some Other Changes

As you probably already know, the Spectator mode became a permanent option in the game. However, Mojang Studios continues to put a lot of effort, striving to improve the Minecraft PE feature even further. For instance, Allay will stop picking up and bringing items to spectators in this version.