Minecraft Bedrock Edition Release

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The team of creators from Mojang Studios did a great job on the new update and finally released Minecraft PE This time they not only made changes to the gameplay but also added new inventory items that players will surely find many uses for.

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Besides, they introduced new mobs into the game environment that will improve the gaming experience for users. However, the most noteworthy update in this new version is probably the introduction of a boat and a Copper Horn.

New Items

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The update features multiple brand-new additions that will expand the game in exciting ways. One of the items that were introduced to gamers this time is a Copper Horn. In order to make it, users first need to get one goat horn, which can be a bit tricky.

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The problem is that goats usually lose horns after crashing into specific blocks, which means that users need to provoke them to do so. Copper Horns are pretty easy to craft, all gamers need to do is take a goat horn and put it together with 3 pieces of copper ingots. The item can produce 3 different sounds and is primarily used for entertainment purposes.

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If you want Minecraft PE to run smoothly and without any problems, make sure you have the Experimental Gameplay option enabled in the settings.

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The update developers have also added a new improved boat. In general, it is the same as a regular boat, except that it has a built-in functional chest. Stalwart adventurers can freely transport everything they need in it, including food, on their long journeys by water. In terms of controls and other features, the boat’s mechanics are identical to those of the cart.

Minecraft Pocket Edition release

The Warden and the Deep Dark

The update also adds a new location. The Deep Dark is a dreary and eerie underground area guarded by the Warden, an extremely dangerous hostile mob. Although the creature is totally blind, it has a perfect sense of smell and hearing that allow it to easily navigate in space and find players if they are not sneaky enough. Players need to be quiet and avoid making any harsh and loud noises if they don’t want to get caught.

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It is worth noting that there are many useful materials and crafting resources that are exclusive to this location and cannot be found in any other part of the Minecraft PE’s open world. For instance, gamers can discover several types of special Sculk Blocks there.

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Some of them can be quite useful. The purpose of Sculk Shriekers, for example, is to alert users about oncoming enemies. When hostile mobs approach gamers, blocks begin to produce a loud piercing sound, warning them of danger.

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Fixed bugs

In each new release, Mojang Studios’ developers solve minor problems from earlier versions of the game to make it even more enjoyable for players. For instance, there was a bug that made mobs invulnerable after being healed, thereby spoiling the gaming experience. The issue has been resolved in the new Minecraft

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Another improvement to the game is that now lava source blocks can be converted into obsidian during the process of world generation.

There is some good news for those who enjoy growing plants as well. There is no more reason to worry because the snow will not kill your flowers anymore.