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Minecraft PE new changes

After downloading the Minecraft PE update, gamers will be able to notice the addition of fragile amethysts, tuff blocks, and the spyglass.  

Exciting Changes Brought by the Update


In the new build of the Caves & Cliffs block game, the creators introduced numerous items and blocks that may well be of great interest to players. In particular, Minecraft PE features new plants, including glow lichen, beautiful azalea, moss, and spore blossom.



In the new update of the legendary game, the developers at the Swedish-based company introduced a new solid block: tuff. It generates in mineral clusters along with other types of ore. You can mine this material with a pickaxe — or any other type of tool.

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Remember also that tuff cannot be obtained with other types of items. In Minecraft PE, the functions of tuff include decoration of structures and indication that there’s a mine nearby. 


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To create a spyglass, two basic elements are required: amethyst and iron. This amazing tool will enable Steve to examine places of interest from a long distance. The use of a spyglass is associated with the same effect that’s seen when wearing a carved pumpkin.  

Amethyst Geode as Part of the Update  

Flint and Steel in MCPE

Amethysts come in several types and form the central part of the so-called amethyst geode. These valuable materials generate in caves. In Minecraft PE, it’s nearly impossible to mine this block. This is because amethyst is fragile and crumbles even at the slightest touch.  

Glow Lichen

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Lichen is a new, easily recognizable plant in Minecraft PE It emits a characteristic glow. To acquire one of these, Steve can use his hand, so don’t worry about a lack of any special tools — it doesn’t matter in this particular case.  


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After the drop of the new update, the game also features a new friendly mob: axolotl. This character is cute and will never attack anyone, even if the latter attacks first. The exceptions to this rule are tropical and drowned fish.  

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Colorful Candles

Minecraft PE new features

Minecraft PE update

white candle in Minecraft PE

The candle is one of the novelties that appeared in Minecraft PE Players can choose from a range of colors for their candles.