Minecraft PE

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To experience the refreshed and even more captivating underground world of the block game, players can install the brand-new Minecraft PE update to their Android-based devices. 

Exciting Innovations of the Update

Minecraft PE java parity - 2

The game’s creators released yet another update for Caves & Cliffs. The patch features a plethora of exciting innovations for players to enjoy. Beyond that, the dev team corrected a number of issues previously observed in the block game. Thanks to the changes, the gameplay has become much more comfortable. 

Candles as Part of the Patch  

Minecraft PE - bug fixes and changes

In Minecraft PE, the devs introduced candles, making the game even more fascinating. The item comes in 17 colors — players can choose the one they find the most attractive.

Minecraft PE Baby Goats

Additionally, candles can be placed on a cake whenever you need to create a festive atmosphere. As a result, you can now further embellish any celebratory occasion in the game. 

Improvements in MCPE

Keep in mind that you can place no more than four candles on one block in Minecraft PE This is convenient and looks absolutely spectacular. On top of that, each such item has a different height, making the whole construction even more interesting. 


Netherite Sword in MCPE

One of the most curious innovations of the Minecraft PE is the addition of the spyglass, a tool that will help players examine terrains and structures from impressive distances. To this end, simply take a comfortable elevated position — from there, you’ll be able to see what’s going on around you. 

Minecraft PE update

When using the spyglass there, players will enjoy an original animation, but only with third-person mode enabled. To craft one of these, you’ll need two copper ingots and one amethyst shard.  

Amethyst & Amethyst Geode

Minecraft PE changes

After descending into the dungeons of Minecraft PE, players will discover an unusual structure that has an interesting shade. It’s called amethyst geode and has three layers: outer, middle, and hollow. 


It’s the inner, hollow layer that will especially appeal to gamers, since it contains a cluster of amethysts: amethyst blocks, amethyst buds, and amethyst itself. An iron, diamond, or netherite pickaxe is necessary to mine this valuable material.