Minecraft 1.18.30 Update

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The developing team from Mojang Studios added a number of incredible features to the game in the newest update. They made a few changes to the gameplay and introduced some great new things to the inventory to enhance the player experience. Among other things, the list of additions includes a Copper Horn and a boat that has been upgraded with new features.

Copper Horn

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The update’s creators delighted gamers with a variety of new items. Copper Horns deserve special attention among them. The first thing users need to do to obtain this unique item in Minecraft PE 1.18.30 is to find one Goat Horn. Goats usually drop their horns after crashing into specific blocks. Once the horn is obtained, all players have to do is place it along with three pieces of copper ingots into a crafting grid and combine them.

If you want the game to run smoothly and without any errors, make sure the Creative mode is on.


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A standard boat has undergone some changes and no longer looks the same after the creators of the update added a chest to it. Now players can use it to store anything they need during long journeys through the Minecraft PE 1.18.30’s vast open world.

MCPE 1.18.30

The boat has the same functionality as the cart, except that it was designed specifically for use on the water.

New location

Minecraft 1.18.30 new release

The massive and mysterious Ancient City is one of the most difficult places to find in Minecraft PE 1.18.30. It only spawns in the unique underground area called Deep Dark. Finding it will be a real challenge for users, but it’s definitely worth it. There are numerous distinctive items and crafting resources that are exclusive to this place and cannot be found in other parts of the cubic world. These include candles, lanterns, skeleton skulls, and more.

Minecraft PE 1.18.30 update

In addition to items, this location also features a lot of new special blocks, such as Sculk Catalysts and Shriekers. Exploring this area is very risky, as there is always a chance to encounter the dangerous Warden here. It is an extremely powerful mob, that can easily defeat players despite their strong armor. Just a couple of strikes will be enough for it to kill them.


The Warden

Minecraft PE 1.18.30

The Warden is a hostile mob that is so hazardous that it can kill even the most experienced and well-equipped Minecraft PE 1.18.30 players in the blink of an eye. The enemy is completely blind, which means that gamers can distract it by throwing objects away from themselves. The mob will follow the sound of objects falling to the ground. It will, however, progressively approach Steve because it is guided not just by sounds but also by smells.

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If a young adventurer walks past the Warden and doesn’t make any vibrations, the mob will not notice them. But be careful, once you draw its attention, it will focus on you and stop noticing any other sounds.