Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.18.32 Update

Minecraft PE 1.18.32

Minecraft PE 1.18.32 made by Mojang Studios’ development team is an updated version of a long-familiar and beloved game. The creators have introduced a new mode that will appeal to both novice and experienced players and will bring some variety to the gameplay. Besides, they solved some problems of earlier versions that made the game difficult and less enjoyable to play.

Game Mode

Minecraft PE 1.18.32 - 2

The recently introduced Spectator Mode for Minecraft PE 1.18.32 is finally accessible for anyone to try out. It is still under development, but Mojang Studios plan to monitor user reactions and continue to work on the feature, progressively perfecting it. Perhaps in the future, the feature will be a permanently available.

Mobs in MCPE 1.18.32


The Minecraft PE 1.18.32 creators have made improvements to the mobs inhabiting villages. For example, the trading menu that shows up when the player interacts with merchants now looks like it does in the Java edition of the game.

Minecraft 1.18.32

The Warden, well adored by many loyal players, can still be found in the Ancient Cities located in the Deep Dark region. The mob is dangerous and can inflict major harm on anyone who ventures into the abandoned areas of this gloomy city.

Minecraft PE 1.18.32 - 2

Gamers must be cautious because the enemy usually appears out of nowhere when they least expect it. This means that they can be defeated without even having time to respond to an attack.

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However, the Warden does not attack immediately. In order to do it, he needs to become angry enough. A sure way to provoke him is to attract his attention by making a lot of noise.

According to Mojang Studios’ creators, they will soon add a scale indicating the level of anger of the enemy that would help users get ready for his possible attacks.

Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.18.32 new

Another mob named Allay, in turn, is friendly and always willing to assist players in gathering the items they require. The only problem is that it loves to dance and completely loses track of time when it hears music. In this case, users have no choice but to wait until the Allay completes its dance.


Minecraft PE boat

The boat has been changed in the current edition of the game: it now features a built-in chest. Brave adventurers who want to explore every corner of the Minecraft PE 1.18.32 world can use it to transport anything they need during their water travels.

Minecraft PE 1.18.32

This transport can be obtained by combining a boat and a chest together. In terms of its functionality, the item has much in common with the cart.


Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.18.32 update

One of the most significant changes was the removal of an error that substantially hampered game play. The creators of Minecraft PE 1.18.32 did an excellent job of optimizing the engine called RenderDragon to improve overall game performance. What’s more important is that this update makes it possible for users to get a lot more frames per second on smartphones and other mobile devices.

Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.18.32

In addition, the development team has solved a problem that made the screen freeze during the process of loading worlds. There have also been some performance problems fixed.

Minecraft PE 1.18.32 - 3

In the achievements tab, players can now hear music. The market opens without any problems and works smoothly. Previously, purchasing an item from the market could trigger an endless loading screen. This bug is now corrected.

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The update’s creators have made improvements to some blocks so that they look less grainy and warped on Android devices. Water and lava textures are now also accurately displayed.