Minecraft PE Additions

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The Mojang Studios’ creators have announced the release of Minecraft PE that will provide gamers with a variety of brand-new features and items that they may find quite useful. For instance, a new character introduced into the game environment will surely increase the opportunities for users and improve their gaming experience. The introduction of new items, in turn, will make the process of overcoming various difficulties and challenges more exciting and entertaining.

Another novelty that will pique players’ interest is the expanded functionality of one of the game’s wood types.



Starting with this release, in the vast open world of Minecraft PE, gamers can encounter such fascinating and important animals as camels. Compared to most other creatures presented in the game, camels are quite large and have long limbs that allow them to move quickly.

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Users can ride them and, as is the case with many other domestic animals in Minecraft, breed them.

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However, the truly unique quality of these animals is that they can carry two people on their backs at the same time. In other words, gamers can ride them together to explore the game world and travel to other locations.

Chiseled Bookshelf

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Among the novelties that have been introduced to users in Minecraft PE is a new storage block, namely a chiseled bookshelf. This item is more than just a decoration as it allows people to store various types of books as well as some other things.

Hanging Signs

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The option to craft common signs has been available to users for quite some time. In Minecraft PE, signs are still one of the ways for people to communicate with one another. However, the game now features new hanging signs that may be used to write and display any text. Gamers can use any of their preferred wood types to craft them.

They are very similar to ordinary signs, but they cannot be placed directly on the ground without any support. Instead, players can put the new hanging signs either on the bottom of blocks or on their sides, which is very convenient if they need to label something.


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In earlier versions, bamboo was a resource that was incredibly easy to farm. However, it did not have much functionality. This is the reason why the Mojang Studios’ creators decided to make it a more versatile crafting ingredient and gave it special features in Minecraft PE

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In the newest version of the game, players can use bamboo to create some really good-looking blocks that can be used in a number of different ways. For instance, you can use them to construct buildings, as well as to create staircases and many other elements for your housing.

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In addition to everything mentioned before, bamboo allows you to create special decorative blocks. These are probably one of the best-looking wood pieces in the game, which are perfect for making a stunning floor in your new home or palace. They are also great in cases when you want to do some minor repairs to freshen up the look of your building. Apart from this, bamboo has the same functions as other types of wood.