Download the Heat Mod for Minecraft PE: Monitor temperature levels to maintain Steve’s strength and health.

What’s new in the Heat Mod?

Players now need to keep an eye on health, hunger, and temperature indicators. When venturing into desert areas, make sure to have proper gear to prevent losing strength.

Additionally, after installing the Heat Mod, Steve will take damage from direct sunlight exposure. As a result, players can only move around the Minecraft PE world at night and must utilize caves and shelters during the day.


In this mod, nature itself becomes a threat as the environment gradually changes, making it increasingly dangerous. Players in Minecraft PE must find shelter and gather food quickly before facing the full force of the apocalypse.

With the Heat Mod installed, the sun becomes more than just a light and warmth source – it will burn all living things. Only the most resilient will survive in such harsh conditions.


Another update in the Heat Mod is the impact of sunlight on the player. Steve will now take damage when exposed to the sun’s rays, requiring players to develop new survival strategies in Minecraft PE.


Upon installing this update for the Heat Mod, a new icon appears on the screen, indicating Steve’s comfort level in various areas. In cold biomes, a snowflake appears, signaling that the character is cold.

When staying in desert biomes of Minecraft PE for an extended period, the icon changes from a small flame to a raging fire. The player may experience effects such as poisoning or thirst. However, these effects will disappear once the player reaches a safe location.