Download Tiny Blocks Mod for Minecraft PE: Acquire miniature stairs, panels, beams, and a variety of other construction materials!

What can Tiny Blocks Mod contribute to MCPE?

For Minecraft PE building enthusiasts, developers frequently introduce intriguing resource alternatives to the materials already present in the game. Many players also enjoy personalizing their homes with unique decorations. The tiny blocks mod grants players access to entirely new resources that were previously unavailable in the virtual inventory.

This addon is particularly helpful for those who design custom maps, as it provides a vast array of elements such as stairs, beams, panels, and more.

Tiny Blocks

The developer has produced miniature versions of standard blocks that appear far more appealing. In Minecraft PE, players can construct and adorn their world with these materials, rendering it truly distinctive. Additionally, the tiny blocks mod introduces some food options to the game.

To ensure proper functioning of the addon, experimental settings must be enabled.

How to obtain new blocks?

Utilizing the mod is extremely simple, even for Minecraft PE novices. To acquire tiny blocks, players simply need to input the /function command in the chat and select their desired material.

As a result, users can save time by not having to create new blocks from scratch.


This is an alternative version of tiny blocks for Minecraft PE. The mod introduces unique construction materials that will aid players in building and decorating new structures.

The developer has crafted fifteen different options, allowing each player to select those that best suit their needs. These options include stone, wood, and more.

New panels, beams, steps, and other blocks will assist in creating a one-of-a-kind space. For parkour enthusiasts, the developer has included a variety of plates.

To obtain new materials, users need to input the /function command and enter the desired resource’s name.