Download Multiplayer Mod for Minecraft PE: Gain additional abilities, transform into a zombie, and engage in battles with your friends!

What does the Multiplayer Mod bring to MCPE?

Minecraft PE players have access to a wide variety of addons that can enhance their gaming experience. This mod can be activated in multiplayer mode, offering users new abilities, increased strength, and effortless enemy defeat.

This mod is perfect for those who want to engage in battles with friends.

Zombie Mode

For players who want to become temporarily invulnerable and compete with friends in multiplayer mode, this mod allows Minecraft PE players to assume zombie abilities.

This provides Steve with several advantages. Firstly, aggressive creatures will no longer attack him. The game becomes more engaging, especially at night, as players can collect additional items.

However, there are drawbacks that can hinder the player. Sun rays now pose a threat to the character, causing them to burn like a zombie.

In multiplayer mode, this addon is entertaining to use, but it is best suited for games with a limited number of participants.

More Body

Actions Some addons enable players to add new movements to their Minecraft PE characters without the need for special commands. This mod allows users to perform these actions with ease.

These options are beneficial in multiplayer mode when a player wants to lift and carry another player or mobs.

Additionally, characters can lie down, sit, and execute various other actions.

New Battle System

This mod is specifically designed for players who want to engage in multiplayer battles with friends. Multiple Minecraft PE players can participate in the battle simultaneously. The developer has created a menu where players can select functions to customize their experience.