Download the Rain Mod for Minecraft PE: Prepare for new dangers falling from the sky, threatening both players and mobs alike.

What’s new in the Rain Mod?

The Rain Mod creators introduce new challenges for players, making precipitation a significant threat to players and their surroundings. Ensure Steve’s safety and stay alert when adverse weather strikes in Minecraft PE.


After installing this add-on for Rain Mod, a true apocalypse unfolds. Players will continuously face fiery raindrops that can burn grass, wood, villages, leaves, and even transform stones into cobblestones. The longer a Minecraft PE player stays in one place, the more it will change.

Creepers, zombies, and other monsters become less of a concern as more dangerous problems arise. The mod offers two modes: night and standard. The night mode features constant darkness, while the standard mode adds only the fire rain. Each mode has different settings to consider based on device capabilities.


In this mod, precipitation in Minecraft PE turns acidic and changes color to green. Acid rain damages most mobs and Steve himself. However, it doesn’t destroy buildings, allowing players to take shelter indoors during bad weather. Rain Mod creators aim to make challenges both difficult and dangerous.


This Rain Mod addition doesn’t make precipitation harmful to players or mobs. Instead, it enhances realism by introducing splash and drop textures, as well as atmospheric thunder sounds. This feature makes the Minecraft PE world even more captivating and engaging.