Experience T Rex Mod in Minecraft PE: Encounter ferocious creatures, attempt to domesticate them, and relish riding unique animals!

What does the T Rex Mod bring to Minecraft PE?

Among all dinosaurs that have roamed the Earth, the T Rex is undeniably the most renowned. It is an enormous and fierce creature feared by all other animals. This mod enables players to journey back in time and discover the dinosaur in the Minecraft PE game world.

Introducing T Rex The mod adds authentic dinosaurs to Minecraft PE. Mobs will spawn in savanna and plains biomes. The T Rex is swift and can inflict massive damage to players, so caution is advised.

Dinosaur Era

The T Rex mod can greatly enhance Minecraft PE gameplay. The addon features a vast array of dinosaurs that will pursue players. However, those who know how to act appropriately can defeat the creatures themselves and obtain loot. Currently, the modification provides 36 varieties of dinosaurs.

These are the most well-known prehistoric beasts that will now inhabit the game world.


Four distinct T Rex types will appear in Minecraft PE. They possess a health of 150 and an attack of 35.

Players can employ various types of meat or rotten flesh to breed these mobs.

The mod’s Brachiosaurus and Mosasaurus have the highest health reserves. Many other types are all hazardous.


Intriguingly, all dinosaurs from the T Rex mod drop their meat. Minecraft PE players can cook or consume it raw, but may experience nausea if eaten uncooked. Additionally, sharks will be introduced to the game, dropping teeth and fins that can be cooked. Fin soup helps alleviate hunger.


Minecraft PE players can obtain T Rex and other mob eggs in survival mode or with dinosaurs. Some creatures from the mod don’t lay eggs because they live independently. To acquire them, players will need to utilize mechanisms. There are 35 types of eggs and 8 types available.