How to make a server in Minecraft PE

How to make a server in Minecraft PE. Step-by-step guide

Guide to make server in Minecraft PE via Aternos and Realms. Easy way to get Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Many have been seeking the solution of how to make a server in Minecraft PE and find it quite challenging but coveted since Pocket Edition came out. You will not find an easier way to get it than buying a subscription to Realms in the very app of MCPE. However, gamers will have to create an account on Xbox Live if they do not have one.

On the other hand, if you are in search of how to make a free server Minecraft PE, the apps, Aternos or Server Maker, will be useful for hosting your server.

This article contains a detailed guide describing two methods with Aternos and Realms.

Server in Minecraft PE via Aternos

Server in Minecraft PE via Aternos

Use Aternos to make server in Minecraft Pocket Edition. Easy way to create Minecraft server.

Here is the first way to get your Minecraft server on your desktop. Check out the 12 steps below!

  1. Open the Aternos website on your computer.
  2. Click ‘Create your server’ (a blue button in the middle of the page).
  3. Enter a username. In the Select a username text box, enter a name you would like to represent yourself on the server.
  4. Tap ‘I agree’ and then click Next at the bottom of the page.
  5. Enter your password and email address. Complete all of these relevant fields:
  • Email – Enter an email address that you have access to.
  • Password – Enter a password different from the one you used for your email.
  • Repeat password – Enter your password again.
  1. Register by clicking the button at the bottom of the page. Then, you will get to the Alternos Dashboard.

Note. If you have an ad blocker, you will get a warning on the next page. You can disable your ad blocker and reload this page, or click Continue with ad blocker.

  1. The next step is to click on the Software button on the left side.
  2. Press Win10/MCPE on the right side of the page. Then select Reinstall app.
  3. After confirming Yes, reinstall, PocketMine will be installed as an add-on for the Aternos server. Then, tap Server.
  4. Click Start in the middle of the website, then Connect, then a pop-up window will appear.
  5. Write down the port number and server address. Players will see both of them in a pop-up window.

Moreover, they are all essentials when it comes to how to make a Minecraft PE server for free.

  1. Connect to your server. To get on your server and start playing, do the following:

Open Minecraft PE -> Click Play -> Servers -> Add Server.

Then type in a name for Server Name as well as your server’s address in Server Address.

Before getting the game start, you need to enter your server’s port number in Port and enjoy playing!

Server in Minecraft Pe via Realms

Server in Minecraft Pe via Realms

Use Realms to make server in Minecraft Pocket Edition. Easy way to create Minecraft server on PC.

Realms is the second way to create a server in Minecraft PE mobile. Check your Wi-Fi connection, or else the cellular data will not work to get it.

Besides, the systems, like Android and iPhone, can apply this method to install Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Make sure, you have got the latest version of the game.

  1. Log into your Minecraft game. If players see their Xbox Live account name there, skip it and go to the next step.
  2. Enter your Xbox Live data with your email, click Next and then tap ‘Let’s play a game’ when prompted.
  3. Choose Play and tap Worlds in the upper left corner of the screen.
  4. Click Create New at the top of the New Realm page.

Choose Create New and then New Realm on the top. After that, click ‘Create a new area’.

  1. Name your Realm by entering the Realm Name space. A name is up to you.
  2. Select a level.

By default, the Realm will accept you along with 10 other players. If gamers want to use a less expensive server for multiple friends, click 2 Players below the Level heading.

Then check the I agree box.

  1. Click Create. Don’t forget to provide your Touch ID, password or payment information if asked.
  2. Click Subscribe when asked as a Realm will be created under the name you assigned.

Players indeed cancel their Realms subscription at any time. Tap the pencil icon next to Realm, select Subscription and Manage Subscription. Follow the on-screen instructions to cancel your subscription.

What is Minecraft Server?

What is Minecraft Server

Here is information about Minecraft Server. Try different ways to create Minecraft Server on PC.

Minecraft Server allows gamers to play along the other ones implementing multiplayer mode. A single play game Minecraft used to be involved in proceeding all the game process, and a server maintained a separate game implementation. Starting off with 1.3.1 (i.e. 12w18a), a separate game implicitly launch a server with special settings. It allowed reducing the number of errors and bugs due to a joint implementation as the developers had to add each feature twice – first, to the client, then, to the server. Due to using a server in single game, you can open your World for network play by pressing the corresponding button in the pause menu, but it’s worth using a dedicated server to expand the possibilities of the server owner.

A dedicated server is a separate programme that, unlike the client, can be downloaded for free from the official website. On the server, all the same laws of game mechanics work as in a single player game with some reasonable differences. For example, you cannot pause the game while typing, and all server players has to go to bed to skip the night. The server deals with most of the processes, sending the results back to the client. The client, in turn, processes the player’s commands and sends them to the server. The client also draws, or renders, the image and plays the sounds.

The client and server versions must match for the connection. However, in the case of bug-fixing versions, the last version number can usually differ (e.g., 1.4.6 and 1.4.7 are compatible).

You can also create a server using special programmes.

How to play on Minecraft Pocket Edition servers?

  1. Go to the site (the link to the site is below)
  2. Find a necessary server
  3. Click on the name in a plate when prompted
  4. Go to Minecraft Pocket Edition
  5. Click Play
  6. Click Edit
  7. Tap External
  8. Type Server Name (Server name)
  9. Enter IP
  10. Enter Port
  11. Click Add Server
  12. Fine our server and click on it

How to play online along with your friend in Minecraft Bedrock

Play online together with friends in Minecraft Bedrock. Try Xbox account or LAN to play MC Bedrock.

How to play Minecraft online with your friends. Let’s look at two ways: a game on LAN and a game through Xbox account.

How to play with a friend on LAN

Play Minecraft online together with friends. Join game to play MC over Wi-Fi. Connect to your friend’s access point.

This method only works if your friend with whom you are going to play is near you. The connection principle is the following: you need to connect an access point to a friend’s phone or vice versa, depending on a player. For more information about connecting phones to a local network, see this article.

Right, the game is different there, but the principle of connecting to the game over LAN in Minecraft is similar. Put it simply, if you want your friend to play in your world, you need to turn on the access point, and your friend needs to turn on Wi-Fi and connect to it. After that, you need to go to the desired world for a joint game, and your friend go to the Friends tab and select your world from the list.

If you want to join your friend, do the opposite. You must have Wi-Fi on which you need to connect to your friend’s access point, and your friend will have to go into his world, and you will join him.

A game with friends can be played with a maximum of 5 people.

How to play with a friend via Xbox account

Sign in Xbox account to play Minecraft with friends. Join game to play MC at distance.

Playing through a LAN is, for sure, cool, but the drawback of this method is that the range of the access point is not so great. So, if your friend is far away from you (e.g., in another city), the access point makes no sense.

To play with a friend from a distance, you need to have a Microsoft account and link it to Minecraft. You must also have the Xbox app on your phone.

To do this, go to Minecraft and press Login (the button on the bottom left). If you have already logged into your account in advance, you can scroll through this item a little. Then, enter your data from your Microsoft account (login and password), and the game will automatically synchronize your account. Next, click Play, and then the Friends tab. Click on the Add a friend button and enter his/her nickname, which a person indicated in his/her Xbox profile.

If his/her nickname on Xbox is unknown, ask him/her.

Then, information about your friend who you are going to add will be prompted.

After you send your friend an application, he/she must accept your application in the Xbox app, and then you can play with him/her.

On the contrary, if your friend sends you an application, go to the Xbox application and click on the bell at the top right.

Then you need to accept applications in Friends. Go into the game and connect to the desired world and wait for your friend to join you.

If you want your friends not to join any of your worlds, go to World Settings and then to the Multiplayer tab. There, you can completely disable the ability to connect friends to the world, or make it so that they can only get to you by invitation.

The best servers for Minecraft PE

The best servers for Minecraft PE

Choose best servers to play Minecraft Pocket Edition on PC or phone. Download servers for Minecraft PE on Android, iOS and Windows Phone for free.

Minecraft PE servers are network platforms for the mobile version of the popular game. The ready-made application is supported by all currently known operating systems for phone devices, like Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Over a few years of its existence, the game has grown from an ordinary sandbox into a real subculture. Minecraft Pocket Edition is a worthy analogue of a computer game, and its fans will be glad to see familiar details here. Nowadays, the Internet is full of high-class assembly of excellent Minecraft PE servers, which we are pleased to present to you.

Minecraft Pocket Edition, or PE, is very popular among players as it has been developed for Android and IOS mobile devices, and nowadays there are a huge number of mobile device users. Moreover, the Minecraft PE developers have tried so hard that the game’s mobile version is very similar in capabilities to the version for the computer.

Obviously, with the growing popularity of the PE version, game servers began to appear. This Minecraft PE server monitoring page contains the IP addresses of the top servers with top online players. All servers have reviews, detailed attendance statistics and an overall rating from players.

How to download ready-made Minecraft PE

How to download ready-made Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition on PC for free. Install Minecraft PE with music and dynamic gameplay.

Minecraft PE (Minecraft: Pocket Edition) is a game in which players will find a lot of different opportunities available in a large, and most importantly, open world. Various tasks will not give a chance and time to get bored, so you should get ready for a dynamic gameplay. Here gamers will be able to meet pretty interesting characters, as well as arrange their world and living space.

You will have to start with the main thing, namely to create a character and arrange your lair. You have to be extremely careful when building because the house needs to be protected from enemies as much as possible. Evil never sleeps, which means constantly hunting. To start playing, just download Minecraft PE on PC for free.

Players will be able to go fishing, dig deep mines, look for useful resources, and most importantly, tame animals. Responsibilities include building the town and managing multiple processes. The gamers might be amazed at various details for crafting from previously mined resources. Farming is the most enjoyable thing in the game.

Minecraft PE is a legendary continuation of the popular series of games. The developers offer players to plunge into a bright and interesting world with detailed environments.

Redesigned graphics, improved mechanics and physics will undoubtedly please any player regardless of his preferences in the genre. Before starting to survive in the world, you should set certain parameters for random generation. As it is the thing that makes it possible to create a unique and inimitable world. Due to extracting various useful blocks in the form of stone, ore, wood and lava, you can build a wide variety of structures.

The character will not only explore the world but also overcome a variety of obstacles. It is worth downloading Minecraft PE on a PC without an emulator to be able to personally enjoy the benefits and features of the project. This time the creators really tried so much that gamers will be able to enjoy an upgraded and improved version of the project. You can trade with the currency of emeralds.

The dynamic day shifts and unexpected turns of events will be able to surprise every player regardless of his/her preferences and requirements. That does not give you the opportunity to get bored because you constantly have to perform various actions. It will not be difficult to download Minecraft PE to your computer. The day in the game lasts 20 minutes of real time, but at night you have to be extremely careful to have a chance to get rid of troubles.

The protagonist has satiety, experience and health parameters. You should be aware of indicators to keep them normal as you can die if feeling bad. Life can be restored by resting, hunger can be killed with food, and experience can be distributed to upgrade weapons or armour. Gamers will be able to enjoy an endless inventory, and, if died, they can return to the place where the death occurred.

An extensive crafting system is also available, which will undoubtedly please players with numerous advantages and features. Gamers will be able to choose one of three modes: hardcore, survival or creative. It is worth downloading Minecraft PE on a PC without an emulator to be able to personally enjoy the benefits and features of the project. It all depends on personal preference, so you should think carefully before making a choice.

The graphic style of the game, as before, remained pixelated. The game world being generated undoubtedly gives the game a special atmosphere. The main feature of the game is the blocks that you can create and collect. The musical accompaniment here is special as it rarely breaks the silence.

The creative multiplayer world of pixel art is available both online and offline. This game is able to give a lot of pleasant emotions and pleasure from the gameplay. Anyone can download Minecraft PE on a PC, and the process will not take much time and effort. During its playthrough, the gamers will not even have the slightest doubt that they will lose interest. Due to the developers’ efforts, players will be able to enjoy the update to the fullest. A huge number of changes and innovations have been made. An exciting adventure is really worth seeing.

Detailed environment, dynamic change of weather and day shift and the realism of the goings-on are exactly what you need for a great pastime. Undoubtedly, it is worth downloading Minecraft Pocket Edition on PC to enjoy an epic adventure which will give you a lot of pleasant emotions. This series of games has long been able to draw users’ attention, due to which updates and new parts are constantly being released. Here, players can completely relax and relieve nervous tension after a hard work day by building structures, fishing or caring for animals.