Are you thinking about a career in Video Game Design? Read this article to get an idea about how to go about preparing for school. Whether you are getting ready to graduate high school or attending a video game design program this article will help you out. If you like the article send me a message and I will write more information about my experiences at the Digipen Institute of Technology.

Dear Readers and Video Game Audience,

My name is Nike Phoenix. I am writing this article for all those future students of video game design and the video game industry. I was once a student at the Digipen Institute of Technology in Redmond, WA. This article is to help those who want a career in video game design or the video game industry and don’t know where to start.

My experience at Digipen was one of wonder, amazement, and then disappointment. If you are considering a career in video game design do your homework about video games, computer languages, and do really good in math class and science classes. At Digipen they learn Linear Algebra and lots of Geometry and Physics. You don’t have to be super smart to attend Digipen just a really passionate and hard worker. At Digipen they teach you about the inner workings of the video game industry. Make sure you save your money and look into student loans and scholarships. That way you can concentrate on your studies and not your financial situation while at school. These are some but not all of the lessons I learned while attending Digipen.

There are other schools you can attend like Full Sail Academy in Florida and Devry and ITT Technical Institute trade schools now have courses in Video Game Design. Also make sure you know what aspect you want to learn. At Digipen they now have Computer Engineering added to the curriculum. So if I could go back I would take computer engineering because it deals with Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

The point I am trying to get across is be prepared when you get to college. While I was there I was totally unprepared and didn’t know what I was getting into. Digipen is accredited now so you won’t have a problem getting financial aid. When I was there the only financial aid was private student loans like Sallie Mae and since I was ex-military the GI Bill and Army College Fund. Plus when you apply to Digipen they want you to write a statement about why you want to attend Digipen and give references of people who know you. In short, my advice is be passionate about video games, save your money, make lots of references at school and at home with your family, study every thing about computers including all computer languages, simulation, and engineering. If you are a high school student you are lucky because Claude Cormair (the owner) loves to teach the concepts to new people. If you are a student or worker changing your career field keep an open mind and learn everything you can from the staff. Have a great day and good luck in your future endeavors.