Pop It Trading is an original project created by a group of enthusiasts called “Club XOX” specifically for Roblox. With its help tens of thousands of players can exchange unnecessary items, acquire more interesting things, or, for example, to boast to other users of rare “artifacts” that are not available anywhere else.

To diversify the in-game trading process, of course, can help work codes for Pop It Trading. Items obtained with them, you can also “drop” and sell.

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Active Codes for Pop It Trading ben, nft and stuff in March

The list of active codes for Pop It Trading is as follows:

  • daegg – activate to get an egg.
  • halloweenie – new Halloween item.
  • callmemaybe – activate to get a vintage phone.
  • popit1year – additional items
  • knocknock – additional items.
  • whaaaaaaaaa – additional items
  • pepto – new gravy boat item.
  • lasagna – activate to get a guinea pig
  • m0dn4r – activate to get a guinea pig.
  • ****** – new item “Alien”.
  • throne – additional items.
  • 1337 – additional items.
  • fotito – activate to get camera.
  • juego – activate to get the controller.
  • pineapple – activate to get a pineapple.
  • portal – new item “Portal”.
  • farmer – new item “Seed”.
  • 90sec – additional items.
  • code – additional items.
  • upupup – additional items.
  • baila – additional items.
  • gub – additional items.
  • cute – additional items.
  • naughtyornice – additional items.
  • trippy – additional items.
  • noclip – monster transport that can get to the game “The Backrooms”
  • kitty – activate to get the cat.
  • popit! – free Pop It.
  • stuffi – new “FNAF” stuffed toy.
  • armor? – activate to get watermelon.
  • sugar – activate to get candy.
  • cupid – gift for Valentine’s Day.
  • no – additional items.
  • tako – activate to get sleeping octopus.
  • 鞭炮 – activate to get fireworks.
  • Tony – Activate to get the tiger.
  • Loot – Special Loot Box with random gifts inside.
  • buff – the rod, which replenishes the game account with special currency in the process of interaction with it
  • 2022 – activate to get Bengal fire.
  • ice – activate to get a diamond.
  • chance – activate to get a six-sided cube.
  • juaniday2021 – gifts for the 2021 holidays.
  • sus – a special gift tied to the style of the game Among Us.
  • quidditch – activate to get a fire extinguisher.
  • spooky21 – a lootbox with a random creepy object inside.
  • crystal – Lootbox with a random crystal object inside.
  • eeek – Lootbox with random creepy object inside
  • squid – activate to get a square guy.
  • gummy – activate to get a gummy bear.

Where to Enter Codes for Pop It Trading

To activate codes in Pop It Trading, follow the steps below:

Enter the trading area and make your way to the central part of the location.
Not far from the huge “Net Worth” sign stretched by the extreme wall, you can notice two active white buttons – approach them. Net Worth in Pop It Trading
One of these plaques is an in-game bonus for daily group rewards, and the other is “YouTube Codes,” which is what allows you to enter the various promo codes. Jump on it.YouTube codes in Pop It Trading
Copy and paste any promo code from the list above and click on the green “EDIT!” button.Entering Codes in Pop It Trading
If the set was entered correctly, an item will appear next to the character, which can be used both for personal use and for possible later sale.

Obsolete Codes

The following will be obsolete promo codes for the Roblox project in question. Their activation in the corresponding game field will NOT lead to obtaining additional gifts and items.

  • inazuma – the katana lightning bolt.

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