Power Simulator 2 is an experimental mode in the Roblox universe that develops the ideas of the original part of the simulator, laying the foundation of competitive mechanics. The developers moved the events to a fictional world on the brink of death and falling apart.

Maintain the balance of power and restore the envelope of space around to superheroes, recruited in special government laboratories mystical character named Vale. “Recruiter” issues orders and challenges, sharing secrets, coins and equipment needed to grow your powers, explore sights and develop abilities. The gameplay in Power Simulator 2 is largely experimental: 90% of the time you will spend in the training room, pushing up, bouncing and looking for lost pieces of armor. But with increasing strength there will be a chance to look at the real situation and influence the world around you.

Valid Power Simulator 2 Codes for 2023

The habit of fueling interest in new maps for Roblox with promo codes is also relevant to the developers of Power Simulator 2: immediately after the release a whole collection of combinations that can greatly expand the starting abilities of the protagonist appeared. Some of the codes are no longer valid after the influx of applicants, but some are still available:

  • XMAS202 – Activate to get 600 coins.
  • 35KTHUMBS – activate to get 700 coins.

Promo codes must be entered in the format shown above, maintaining structure and case.

Where to Enter Power Simulator 2 Codes

How to activate promo codes in Power Simulator 2 Roblox does not tell you: the Promotion Code menu is hidden behind buttons leading to the store, to the leaderboard page or available challenges. The icon to add rewards will have to look for in the panel above after downloading (similar to the Twitter logo and essentially offers to subscribe to the developers’ social networks).

Power Simulator 2 Code

After loading the additional section in the center there will be a text field C O D E. Available for editing and entering combinations consisting of Latin uppercase and lowercase letters (it is important to respect the case and enter as in the examples above), and along with the numbers. Cyrillic and third-party characters are not supported. After entering, just press Enter and wait for the system to display the result of the actions performed. Whether the promo code worked, what reward was issued.

codes for Power Simulator 2

Obsolete Codes

Developers periodically write off irrelevant codes. The following combinations stopped bringing rewards after updates:

  • VSECODERAZORFISH – 5000 coins were added to the account after application;
  • VSECODEGRAVY – from 1000 coins after activation, appeared on release, but is already hidden from general access.
  • 35KTHUMBS – 700 coins.
  • mario and TRISTAN – add 100 coins each to your account;
  • 25KVIPBONUS and NEW15KCODE – after activation for 2 hours comes VIP mode with double bonuses;
  • pog – adds 200 coins to your account;
  • SORRY – adds 300 coins after application;
  • 10KLIKESTOKENS – new promo code for 250 coins
  • 5KLIKES – combinations for 150 coins;
  • RELEASE – adds 250 coins to your account after activation;
  • RAINWAY – verified promo code for 100 coins.
  • 100M – 250 tokens (coins);
  • GoldenOwl – 150 tokens (coins);
  • Surge – 150 tokens (coins);
  • TokenLife – 175 tokens (coins);
  • BOTS – 150 tokens (coins);

The new map in Roblox, Power Simulator 2, has become another breakthrough in the genre. Thousands of people around the clock gather on the virtual superhero arenas wanting to acquire new abilities and get to the champion titles. Feel like becoming part of the blazingly growing crowd of contenders? This page with promo codes will ease your way to glory: new bonuses appear with enviable regularity – just check the “Actionable Promo Codes” section above frequently. And, if you find exclusive promo codes along the way, why not share them in the comments?

The Roblox community will appreciate it!