A fan of video games?

If the answer is yes, you will definitely be excited to learn of this new release! It is called RV Runner. In this game, you get to drive an RV through challenging streets trying to reach the finish line. You get special bonuses along the route, such as points for running over varmints that get in your way. There are many dangers along the way, such as steep drop off cliffs, catching the RV on fire, crashing, and other things.

There are many things that make this game stick out against the others. One thing is that it has a very classic look to it. It is not like many of the 3-D games you will see everywhere these days. Another is that this is one of the very few games in which you drive around in an RV. Most other games have you drive around in race cars, classic cars, and other vehicles similar to that.

Truck and RV Jump, Crash, and Drive: RV Runner Game

This game has a very fun and playful tone to it. A lot of game these days have a very serious feel to them, and are pretty violent. This game is great for kids. Studies show that violent video games can have a very negative effect children that play them often. Games without violence, such as RV Runner, can actually help children’s mental development in a positive way. The varmints may disagree though.

People are raving about this game. One of the reviewers commented, “I like this so much more then traditional runners, it just seems more fun with an RV then a person Great graphics, awesome soundtrack and tight controls. I highly recommend it!” Another happy customer said that RV runner is, “A redneck twist on an old classic. Plenty of unlockables, and addictive gameplay. If you’ve played Robot Unicorn Attack you know what you’re in for.”

This game is available now for your nook, iPhone, android, or computer.